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Samsung HM5100 Bluetooth S Pen creates a warn entrance in the Note 10.1 …

Hidden among a higher-profile equipment during Samsung‘s Galaxy Note 10.1 launch currently was a device that during initial seemed familiar, yet incited out to be distant some-more than your bland S Pen.

Samsung HM5100 Bluetooth S Pen creates a warn entrance in a Note 101 'press kit,' we pencil in a discuss handson

That’s right, Samsung‘s already able stylus only got a vital boost – accommodate a BT S Pen. The device, that perceived no grave introduction during a horde device’s launch event, initial seemed in a “press kit” bag that attendees perceived on a approach out a door. It’s identical in distance and figure to a company’s Galaxy S Pen Holder Kit, that serves as a sleeve for a standard-issue Note S Pen, yet Bluetooth functionality, along with a microphone and little speaker, capacitate a lightweight cosmetic appliance to double as a wireless headset – certain to come in permitted with a SIM slot-equipped general Note 10.1 flavor.

We held a initial spirit of a pen’s functionality on finding a bundled AC adapter — that seemed strong odd. The box also enclosed an scarcely brawny user primer and no fewer than 5 deputy “nibs” (read: stylus tips). Pairing took yet a few seconds, and afterwards we were on a approach responding calls with a singular daub of a speak button. There’s also a built-in quivering mechanism, that serves to warning we to incoming calls. Sound peculiarity was solid, yet vocalization into a coop admittedly felt a bit peculiar — we might not pull as many stares as we would if vocalization directly into a 10.1, yet a clearly surprising movement might still spin a few heads. Otherwise, a S coop functioned as expected.

The wrapping is all we have to go off of during this indicate — Samsung reps we spoke to didn’t know to design a device today, so there’s no pricing or accessibility info to share. We do know that a it’s rated for 3 hours of speak time and 130 hours of standby, it weighs 21 grams, offers Bluetooth 3.0 harmony and will work with Galaxy Note inclination — we could use it as a headset with other gadgets, yet there wouldn’t be most appeal. It also includes a micro-USB charging cable, with a pier permitted only above a shirt clip. That’s all she wrote for now — apparently this appendage was accessible exclusively during today’s event, and might not make a approach to a US, if it’s expelled during all.

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