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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 review


It is rather apparent during this point, if we have a 10.1 in. inscription we can pattern a vast chunk of potion on a front with a minimal bezel around it, though a proceed in that this is presented is what creates a difference. Samsung has left for a rather grand proceed with their Galaxy Tab 2 line, and they have incorporated their media-centric character into a pattern as well.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 SpeakerSamsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Speaker

On a front we have a vast 10.1 in. arrangement with a rather customary bezel around it, though built into a bezel on a left and right is a stereo set of speakers. These speakers lay during a tip of a device, out of a proceed when holding, and they don’t demeanour out of place. Up during a tip is a front confronting camera, and down a bottom a good Samsung logo.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 ButtonsSamsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Buttons

Up during a tip we have all of a buttons, that is a and given they are out of your way, though can also be a disastrous in that they aren’t a easiest to strech depending how it is being held. Starting during a left we have a energy button, volume rocker, micro-SD label slot, IR sensor and finally towards a right is a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Charging PortSamsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Charging Port  Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 ChargerSamsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Charger

Down a bottom we have a charging port, and a pattern of a pier is a bit bothersome. Not usually has Samsung deviated from a some-what customary micro-USB pier on this device, though they have selected to implement an Apple-like wharf connector that is distant from ideal. This means nonetheless another wire that has to transport in your arsenal daily, and in all probity it looks like a inexpensive shot during Apple.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 BackSamsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Back

Flipping a device over we have a good china behind that is rather plain with a difference of a Samsung trademark and a integrate of other markings. Up during a tip of a device we also have a camera, zero earth ruinous though it is there, and there is no peep to accompany it. More on that later.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Side ViewSamsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Side View

The sides of a device are only flush bezel, no buttons or ports to be found here that is good for holding a device in landscape, though not as ideal once flipped to portrait.


  • Processor: 1 GHz Dual-Core Processor
  • Display: 10.1″ WXGA(1280×800) PLS TFT
  • OS: Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Camera: Main(Rear): 3 Megapixel Camera Sub(Front): VGA for Video Call
  • Music Player with SoundAlive
  • 3.5mm Ear Jack
  • A-GPS, Glonass
  • Bluetooth record v 3.0
  • USB 2.0 Host
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct
  • 7,000mAh battery


Home ScreenHome Screen

Being a Samsung device it should be a given during this indicate to pattern TouchWiz to be included, and it is — in some ways. Luckily Samsung has opted to keep a lot of elements of batch ICS accessible to users, and only interfaced some of their changes along with it, instead of totally going on tip of it. You will notice right off a bat that a icons are themed, a widgets are all a Samsung TouchWiz ones, and there are a few other changes as well.

Lock screenLock screen

Starting during a close shade we will notice a flattering customary close screen, simply place your finger somewhere on a shade and pierce it around to clear a device. Nothing new, and no additional features, though infrequently morality is key.

Screen Shot KeyScreen Shot Key

Once a device is unbarred we are presented with Samsung‘s barbarous widgets and a quarrel of discerning entrance icons. Down a bottom in a menu bar they have combined an additional symbol that is employed to take shade shots. The customary ICS process of holding volume down and energy will still work, though a on shade symbol will concede we to take a shade shot one handed, and afterwards revise if we wish.

Edit Screen ShotsEdit Screen Shots

Much like on a Samsung Galaxy Note, regulating this to take a shade shot will open an editor so we can discerning and simply prominence something, stand it or any other teenager change we might wish to make.

Mini AppsMini Apps

In further they have also combined an arrow in a core of a bottom menu that brings adult their Mini Apps drawer. These mini apps can indeed be utterly useful as once they are non-stop they open on tip of a focus we are using, not in front of it. This means if we wish to check your calendar while browsing a web, or do some math while in a calm summary we can do so though ever withdrawal a application.

Samsung HubsSamsung Hubs

Samsung has also enclosed a few “hubs” that are directed during creation anticipating calm easier. They have enclosed a Game Hub, Media Hub and Music Hub pre-installed, all in further to a Google Play apartment of applications. Making use of a enclosed IR port, Samsung has bundled a Smart Remote that is intensely absolute once set up. After walking by a set adult of a focus we are means to control your media components right from your tablet, no some-more sophistry your remotes and inscription during a same time.

Beyond these applications Samsung has also bundled Dropbox (which is giving users 50GB giveaway for one year), Netflix, Amazon Kindle, Samsung Chat-on, S Suggestion (their focus suggestions guide), Next Issue (magazine app) along with their Media Hub on a device. If we bound into a marketplace we can mislay many of these, that is a clear and for those who find no value in them.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 CameraSamsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Camera

By now we should all know that tablets are substantially not a best means for capturing your favorite memories on a go, though they still tend to come with cameras. Since we never unequivocally know when life might move we that subsequent best moment, a ability to constraint them with a inscription can be a and for many.

If we are looking to reinstate your indicate and fire needs with a tablet, consider again. Featuring a 3MP camera on a behind that lacks flash, and a VGA front confronting camera on a front, a peculiarity is distant reduction than professional. While a 3MP camera on a behind does a job, it takes photos and allows we to remember things, it doesn’t do so with any well-developed quality. Due to a miss of peep we can flattering most lick a indoor shots and low light images out a window, though with correct lighting a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 can take some decent shots for you.

Rear Camera 1Rear Camera 1  Rear Camera 2Rear Camera 2

Rear Camera TestRear Camera Test  Camera SampleCamera Sample


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