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Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge only competence accept Android Oreo update

As per a new rumor, a Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge competence finish adult receiving an ascent to Android 8.0 Oreo. Yes, a 3 year aged Android smartphone. We suggest we take this with a pellet of salt, and so does a chairman who came adult with this.

A Redditer apparently spoke to several Samsung member on discuss and all of them told him that a device will accept a refurbish to Oreo. This is many expected not true, yet even if there’s a slight possibility of it being real, afterwards that puts Samsung in some unequivocally good light.

This means that Samsung could yield a three-year program refurbish pledge for a smartphones. That would be an OEM initial in a Android world. Of course, Google already does this with a Pixel and Nexus devices. But for an OEM to do this, that would be a good welcome, and could assistance set an instance for others.

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If this is true, afterwards it also means that a stream Galaxy S8/S8+, and a Note 8 will accept a Android Q refurbish as well. Let’s wish this is true, even yet Samsung discuss reps are famous to not have any idea about many things. Check out a screenshot below;

You could also try out your luck, articulate to a Samsung repute on discuss and try to find out some-more about this. According to a Redditer, all a other reps would give identical replies to this question. He also spoke to a reps about a Note 8 and S8 removing Project Treble support, and he didn’t get any answers. You can check out all a screenshots of a conversations here.

Nevertheless, this gossip being loyal would unequivocally make Samsung business really happy. What do we think?

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