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Samsung Galaxy S5: Common Bugs/Issues and Their Fixes

Samsung Galaxy S5: Common Bugs/Issues and Their Fixes Samsung Galaxy S53 300x258Samsung’s Galaxy S5 was expelled 6 months ago and they have already sole during slightest 30 million units. With so many people regulating a device, there are firm to be several issues that stand adult from time to time. Today, we’re going to speak about a few of a many common bugs that people have been experiencing.

As always, usually since we don’t have a Galaxy S5 doesn’t meant this essay doesn’t associate to you. Even yet a Galaxy S5 has TouchWiz on tip of it, a lot of these issues can occur to each singular Android smartphone or tablet out there. If we finish adult articulate about a bug you’ve experienced, afterwards it will substantially be value following a suggestions we speak about below. You’ll usually have to remember that menus and settings can be located in opposite places on opposite devices.

Galaxy S5 Charging Slowly/Doesn’t Charge

If your Galaxy S5 is charging impossibly solemnly or won’t even accept a assign during all, afterwards a initial thing I’d do is test a battery and/or charger. Make certain you’re regulating a wall horse that came with your device and initial try it from a opposite wall outlet. If this doesn’t help, afterwards try a opposite horse altogether. If this doesn’t help, it competence be a battery itself. You could presumably squeeze a new one or lapse your device to a retailer/manufacturer and get a replacement. If a device is still misbehaving with a opposite horse and battery, afterwards it could presumably be program associated or presumably inner hardware.

Before promulgation your device behind to a tradesman or manufacturer, we would foot a device into protected mode and see if it can assign scrupulously this way. Safe mode will invalidate any and all third-party applications, so this will let we know if it’s a brute focus that is causing a issue. Failing this, we would try a bureau reset from within a settings of your Galaxy S5. we know this sounds wrong and that it would seem like this is a hardware-related issue, though it competence be program related. I’ve gifted delayed charging before with my Nexus 5 after doing one of my possess bureau resets. we reset a device after we beheld a charging emanate and afterwards achieved another bureau reset. After a second reset, it resolved a slow-charging emanate – so this form of emanate can be caused by software.

Can’t Connect to WiFi Network

If we seem to be carrying issues joining to your home network, afterwards this could be caused by a integrate of opposite reasons. As prolonged as this has happened recently and we used to be means to bond to a network afterwards it’s many expected program related. The initial step would be to restart your Galaxy S5 as good as your router and/or modem. Once all boots behind adult and is operational, we should check to see if we can connect. If it fails like it has been doing, afterwards you’ll wish to go into a WiFi settings of your S5 and long-press on a home WiFi network you’re carrying issues with. Tell a device to ‘Forget’ a network and afterwards go by a routine of adding it back.

As prolonged as a Galaxy S5 is a usually thing that’s incompetent to bond (every other wireless tool we possess connects to it properly), afterwards during slightest we know a emanate is with a smartphone itself and not a router. If a emanate is indeed usually with a Galaxy S5, afterwards a final thing to do is perform a bureau reset. We know how heavy a bureau reset can be, though behind adult as many information as probable and afterwards reset your device. If a bureau reset doesn’t solve a issue, afterwards it’s many expected some arrange of malfunctioning hardware and you’ll wish to lapse it if possible, generally if we were means to bond to it before.

Galaxy S5 Stuck during Samsung Logo/Won’t Boot

Various things can means your Galaxy S5 (and any Android device) to not foot adult properly. This can infrequently be a means of an app install/Android update left wrong, or there competence have been some crime that happened with a data. The usually things we can do is purify a cache or perform a bureau reset. You’ll wish to have a Galaxy S5 totally off, afterwards press and reason a Volume Up button, Home button and Power symbol all during a same time. When we feel a device vibrate, let go of a Power button, though continue to reason down a Volume Up and Home buttons. This should get we into a liberation of your Galaxy S5. When we are means to, use a Volume Down symbol to prominence a Wipe Cache Partition option. Press a Power symbol to name this option, afterwards tell your Galaxy S5 to Reboot once it has finished (again, with a Power button).

When the device reboots, check to see if it can get past the Samsung logo. If it cannot, afterwards go behind into a liberation regulating a same stairs as above. This time around, name a Factory Reset option, afterwards let a device undo all so it can install a purify chronicle of Android. Assuming this works, afterwards we will simply need to set all behind adult again once it has rebooted properly. If this doesn’t help to repair anything, lapse a device from where we got it as there’s something wrong with a inner hardware.

Let us know if these tips helped solve any issues you’ve experienced. If you’re carrying any other pointless issues, greatfully don’t demur to leave a criticism below, or even send us an email around a Contact Us couple during a tip of this page.

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