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Samsung Galaxy S5: Best Apps to Download


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2.      Milk Music: This app is identical to Pandora, Milk Music allows we to tide customizable radio stations but a price and but any ads. This will save your income on reward Spotify or Pandora memberships as this is for giveaway with your Samsung purchase. It can be found in a Samsung apps store and it is value a download. Unfortunately, this app is accessible usually in a US Samsung phone.

3.      Google Keyboard: There are series of users who are angry about a Samsung keyboards to be vapid and formidable in handling texts. However, with a accessibility of Google keyboard, life has turn a bit easy. It has gesticulate typing and a predictive content is extemporaneous and easy. Once we start regulating this app, we will come behind to it again and again.

4.      Dropbox: This is one app that everybody needs. It allows we to fill it with files and folders of pictures, videos and papers on your phone that are automatically accessible on your PC, laptop and clamp versa. It is easy and giveaway for adult to 3GB of storage.

5.      Outlook: The email interface can be unsatisfactory for some. For these people, it is critical to download this app as it gives entrance to it in a approach that is really identical to a PC version. It is free to set adult and creates gripping adult with email really easy.

6.       Juice Defender: Although a battery life on a new Galaxy S5 is most improved than S4, it is always good to download a excellent battery saving app. This app stays on tip of all a neglected programs like navigation bundles, that already comes from a manufacturer. It also has a absolute charge manager and operates in a credentials but interfering or disturbing.

7.      Samsung Chat on: This app is exclusively for Samsung users. It allows we to mix mixed discuss programs into one interface. It can even promulgate with comparison non-smartphones and new smartphones during a same time.

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