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Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Kit Available Now in a US with a Price …


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The apart cost of a charging pad is value $49.99. With a Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging kit, a owners can now knowledge obtuse wiring troubles and worries of constantly plugging and unplugging a intelligent phone.

The charging pad is not unequivocally a wireless tool given it contingency be plugged in to a wall outlet. However, it will be easier for a owners to only squeeze their Galaxy S4 and go given wires are not trustworthy to a intelligent phone.

The horse can supply energy to a intelligent phone during 650mA. The wireless charging pack still allows a NFC capability of a Samsung Galaxy S4 to duty properly.

The wireless charging pad has edges that are winding upwards. Galaxy S4 owners will no longer have to worry about a intelligent phone slipping of a horse with a edges’ winding ceiling design.

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