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Samsung Galaxy S4 Spare Battery and Charger Kit Now Available

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For whatever reason, Samsung is one of a final phone manufacturers on a world to concede a business to reinstate a batteries inside a phones. We aren’t accurately certain because a attention went divided from pull-able or replaceable batteries, though Samsung done it transparent to us during a press lecture over a Galaxy S4 that they do not devise to follow that trend. As we know, a GS4 facilities a removable backside, that not usually gives we entrance to a phone’s battery, though we can also entrance a microSD label for expandable storage – another underline that a rest of a attention has changed divided from.

So to uncover all new Galaxy S4 owners that they didn’t embody a removable battery for nothing, Samsung has left forward and expelled a central gangling battery and horse for a device. Available now from a accumulation of online stores, we can collect adult a charging pack that includes a deputy 2600mAh battery, charger, and new cable.

Amazon has it with Prime shipping for $42.01; a DL Store has it for $47.95 with decent shipping rates; Samsung has it for $49.99 with $4 shipping.

Links:  Amazon | DL Store | Samsung Shop

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