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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra LTE chronicle surfaces – comments

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  • 18 Feb 2020

The S20 Ultra costs a same as a iPhone 11 Pro (64GB) in Indonesia (checked a web for prices). The unchanging S20, meanwhile, gets we a vanilla iPhone 11 (also 64GB). A S20/iPhone 11 is about $1000. The Ultra/11 Pro is around $1300-$1400.

In Indonesia, iPhones are exceedingly overpriced (but it has a really high resale value anyway-a 2nd palm XS Max gets we a new iPhone 11). Unfortunately, Samsung phones, while expensive, loses a lot of value. A 2nd palm S10+ costs about $550 when it is in primary condition (it is about $1100 anew). That’s a Note 10 trade in prices. Meanwhile, Samsung accepts an iPhone XR (also value $1100 anew) that’s value about a same with a S10+. The XR was already transposed by a iPhone 11 during that time-and a S20 hasn’t even landed yet. Now S10 array prices are set to go down again.

Not observant a Samsung is unnecessarily overpriced. If a LTE-only chipset is Exynos 9830/990, we will advise we to skip a phone. Confirm this in your store. My S10e Exynos has bad battery life, decent back cameras (weaker than SD variant), laggy opening and overheating/lag in perfectionist games such as LifeAfter or PUBG Mobile, and crashes in browser/apps.

It’s also flattering costly in Singapore, a iPhone 11 is cheaper. Australia retails a iPhone 11 during $50 reduction than a S10e. Again, make certain you’re removing a Snapdragon variant. Avoid Exynos during all costs-it’s not a flagship-worthy chipset. Your income can go to a arriving Mi 10 Pro or Oppo Reno 3 Pro instead.

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