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Samsung Galaxy S II with Motorola Droid Bionic like underline unearthed

Samsung Galaxy S II Celox Rumor

Another Samsung Galaxy S2 various speckled forward of a United States recover date.

Now it looks like a United States of America is unequivocally not a “favorite” of Samsung Mobile, or they’re only into polishing things before releasing their phones in a US market?

A new day means a new Samsung smartphone leak. After a rumors about a Samsung Stratosphere circulated on a internet final week, a new, and apparently unequivocally engaging Android smartphone helmed by a Korean-based smartphone manufacturer has been found, and according to an Engadget article, a phone binds a codename Celox.

Is this a Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus that we already reported dual months ago? Well, there’s a probability since according to a new leak, it’s a Samsung Galaxy S II various that will underline upgraded underneath a hood energy like a 4.5 inches Super AMOLED Plus shade that is 0.2 inches incomparable than a required Galaxy S II’s shade size, 16 GB on house storage enclosed with a additional 32 GB pleasantness of MicroSD label container and a unequivocally greasy 1750 mAh battery, that is theoretically higher compared to a 1650 mAh battery that is being used by a stream tellurian Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone.

But on tip of all that goodies — a new Samsung Galaxy S II with a “Celox” inner codename will jolt a Android universe with a LTE connectivity — yes, a Droid Bionic’s unequivocally core underline that attracts many customers. According to a report, a LTE underline of a rumored new Galaxy S2 various offers 800MHz LTE support, so it’s rarely probable that a phone will not arrive in USA, and a Celox phone’s genuine essence partner is Europe.

One of a intriguing facilities that a phone has is a surprising home shade symbol (that looks like a touchpad). Plus, a behind cover of a phone doesn’t demeanour “plasticky” that other Samsung Galaxy S II indication have. The Samsung Stratosphere is still not strictly announced, and a phone is still not upheld by additional leaks so it’s unequivocally tough to assume if either or not a Celox and a rumored Stratosphere are only a same.

The bottom line here is a timing of this new Samsung Galaxy S II trickle — generally if you’re one of a business who have already affianced to buy a Samsung Mobile superphone after examination and reading reviews like this, and this, claiming that a many renouned phone of a Korean-based association (based on sales) is now a best Android smartphone in a market. Plus, if you’re a intensity Droid Bionic customer, we will many expected ask yourself if a absolute Moto phone is still value a wait after saying a new Sammy LTE phone, and training about a rumored “Stratosphere.”

Another emanate now is if either or not a new rumored Samsung smartphones will get a new Android iteration, a already reliable Ice Cream Sandwich that will many expected kill a “Android fragmentation” reports pleasantness of its  “across all inclination feature” that will also advantage a Android app developers since of improved focus harmony with Android smartphones and tablets.

See a picture of a rumored Samsung Galaxy S II Celox HERE.

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