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Samsung Galaxy S II Delay in US Explained?

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A news from Chosun Ibo competence have usually strew some light on since we haven’t seen a Samsung Galaxy S II launch in a United States usually yet. As we know, Samsung has launched it other tools of a universe with great success and it will be launching in Canada after this month yet we still don’t have a organisation date for a U.S. launch. The reason? Well, according to a Samsung executive, it’s since negotiations with U.S. carriers have dragged on.

Galaxy S II

The news cites a Samsung executive observant this in regards to a Galaxy S II’s launch in a United States:

Negotiations with American telecom companies have dragged on.

It also goes on to contend that a reason a Galaxy S II isn’t appealing to U.S. carriers is since Motorola creates phones that work best with a United States’ CDMA network definition carriers have a improved choice and reduction of a reason to pointer on house with Samsung even yet a device is extravagantly renouned elsewhere in a world.

Now, we’re pretty sure that a Galaxy S II will indeed be entrance to a United States yet the doubt now is either it’s going to be too late? Motorola is scheming to recover a 4G LTE enabled Motorola Droid Bionic and Apple is going to be rising a new iPhone in a fall. And for some people, that competence meant holding a pass on one of a best Android phones to date.

And, as a news says:

When a Galaxy S smartphone was launched final year, no competing new models by Motorola and HTC of Taiwan were available. As distant as U.S. telecoms were concerned, a Galaxy S was a usually choice to a iPhone final year. But a new indication faces many worse competition.

Not looking good during all for those in a U.S. who wish a Galaxy S II and wish it now and it appears that we have Motorola to appreciate for that.

(Thanks to Zarchek for a tip!)

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Adam is a record blogger formed in San Francisco, California who loves his iPhone 3GS and Motorola Droid 2 equally. You can follow him on Twitter or strech him by email during

  • I hatred U.S. carriers with a passion.

  • Agreed.

  • Oh fuck no…….

  • Great…and we can’t even bluster US carriers with doing business elsewhere, because….well, where am we gonna go?

  • It amazes me that theoretically a many Capitalistic nation of them all is a final to get a stellar phone!

    Just goes to uncover Capitalism doesn’t work when large companies exist.  The USA use to be done adult of smaller companies, yet that all altered in a 80′s.  Now they usually grow bigger and some-more powerful.

    Also we would add, that usually Verizon is CDMA, so where is a S2 on a other 3 carriers?

  • Oh great. Now what a fuck are we ostensible to do? (sorry, yet that’s been building adult for awhile now . . . Needed to let it fly . . .)


  • Sprint is also CDMA

  • Motorola phones are “better alternatives”?  Better for who?  Certainly not a users.

  • Fuck like rabbits.

  • Oh.

  • Sounds like a good event for Google to indurate a sum of their arriving Nexus 3rd era phone aka Google Nexus Prime.  If rumors are loyal it’s being grown by Samsung yet but TouchWiz or Sammy’s miss of Android OS updates or its fake representations.  Thanks Adam (editor) !

  • I Want It…..

    new gadget

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  • Still don’t know since people would wish dial-up speeds during this point; 3G drags.

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  • This is since we got a EVO3D on Sprint. I’m unequivocally happy with it too. we had been watchful for a Within. Apparently it doesn’t demeanour like it is entrance any time soon, if during all. 

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  • Supply and direct dumbass. The carriers don’t wish to compensate samsung an arm and a leg for something they don’t need. Especially when competitors make phones that are as good as or improved than a S2.

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  • the scurry within is entrance in 2 weeks according to other sites

  • Normally they have a large proclamation during LEAST a month or so before a device is released. So far, there hasn’t even been any central word from Sprint or any other vital conduit about a Galaxy S II entrance to their lineup. Would adore to be wrong. Hate to see U.S. screwed out of this device.

    Look during a Photon, that we know is coming, right? Because they had a large preso with Motorola. Think they will pass this event adult with a Within, given a specs?

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  • It is all a gracious game… shady corporation who don’t value their customer. 1st take out a total plan, afterwards now determining what phone we can get. What will occur few years later?

    There will be usually 1 phone we can get from a carrier, that would be whichever make profitable a conduit a many underneath a list and we as a patron has no say.

  • Who cares… Buy American

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