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Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 dwarfs a iPod Touch, runs ICS

Samsung seems one of a few companies still doing conflict with Apple’s iPod Touch. So how do we take on a best? Go big. That’s Samsung’s reasoning, anyway.

The Galaxy Player 5.8 has a whopping 5.8-inch screen, that creates even a Galaxy Note seem small, SlashGear reports. Its fortitude of 960×540-pixels isn’t as pointy as a Note’s though.

It runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich, with Samsung’s possess TouchWiz UI on top. There’s no word on either it’ll get a ascent to Jelly Bean during some point, nonetheless we can hope. Samsung’s Learning Hub is also on-board, along with AllShare Play streaming support and Samsung’s Chat follower service.

Inside it’s got 16 or 32GB of memory, with a microSD label container vouchsafing we supplement adult to 32GB more. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and GPS come as standard.

It comes in white or black. It’ll be on sale in September, nonetheless there’s no word on a cost yet. Expect to hear some-more when IFA kicks off subsequent week.

Samsung’s Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 had a 5-inch screen, nonetheless that was a biggest MP3 actor before this beast hove into view. (The Galaxy S comes in a diddy 4.2-inch distance as well, if these are too many for you.) The iPod Touch is a measly 3.5-inches by comparison.

Samsung is roving a trend for bigger inclination during a moment, with a Galaxy Note 2 rumoured to be bigger than a original’s 5.3-inches. Apple is also pronounced to be removing in on a act, with a iPhone 5 rumoured to have a 4-inch screen. It’s many substantially stranded with smaller screens until now since it didn’t wish to scapegoat battery life.

What do we consider of a Galaxy Player 5.8? Is it too big? Let me know in a comments, or on Facebook.

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