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Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Droid Bionic, iPhone 4S & BlackBerry Beat Smoked by …

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AT CES, Microsoft is charity $100 for users of smartphones to fume out Windows Phone. The plea has dual smartphone holders hunt for a same thing during a same time to see that smartphone wins.  Announced new Windows Phones embody a HTC Titan II , Nokia Lumia 700 and Lumia 900.

In 2011, Windows Phones seemed on usually a few of a tip 10 best lists of a year.  We predict, subsequent year Windows Phone will benefit in popularity.  The videos posted shows how Microsoft will attain personification a program label violence out a Droid Bionic, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Palm Pre Plus, c and iPhone 4S (many seemed on a best of 2011 list by Wireless and Mobile News).  The BlackBerry owners surrenders though a fight.

A video posted on YouTube shows a Windows Phone neck and neck to Samsung Galaxy Nexus, while a Windows Phone wins with program trickery.  Nexus Google voice hunt and Local Scout hunt gave formula usually about as fast.  But Local Scout gave a PC Guy (Ben Rudolph) reviews, apps to use to make reservations and present directions.  Galaxy Nexus Guy didn’t have a discerning proceed to do that on his Galaxy Nexus.

This is a initial inkling of how Microsoft skeleton to marketplace Windows Phones with a mega budget.  Microsoft is a program company, Google is a hunt company.  To give Windows Phone a edge, they are not articulate specs or hardware though program palliate of use.

Another guy, Josh says that his BlackBerry won’t even come close.  He surrendered and won an HTC Titan.

The Windows Phone wins a song identifying plea with a song app.  In a  Twitter test, Windows Phone beats out a Galaxy Nexus again. Windows Phone new tile posts messages to all amicable networks faster than Android Phone. The iPhone 4S wins in usually one challenge.

The Windows Phone smokes out a Palm Pre Plus, iPhone 4S, Droid Bionic and Galaxy Nexus.  Microsoft announced it is a final year it will seem during CES and is regulating it for many video opps. We find it engaging that Ben doesn’t brand a phone indication and usually calls it Windows Phone.  Windows Phone appears to be superseding a hardware maker.

It has been reported that Microsoft, Nokia and ATT are formulation to spend $100 million selling a Nokia Lumia 900.

The subsequent vital chronicle of program for PC’s, Windows 8, will demeanour a lot like Windows Phone, that Microsoft hopes will assistance it work softened on tablets.

 Microsoft claims that Windows Phone puts people first. Here’s what Microsoft claims in a Windows Phone 7.5 selling materials

Microsoft  listened to customers, who suggested that many things they do on their phones were still too complex. For instance, arranging cooking out with friends shouldn’t need starting from blemish in several apps: email and content messaging to see who’s free, a hunt app to find internal restaurants and review reviews, nonetheless another app or website to make a reservation, and afterwards reckoning out how to let everybody know a plan.

Similarly, promulgation a summary to a organisation of friends or family members shouldn’t need selecting a recipients one-by-one. And staying on tip of what’s new with a few tighten friends shouldn’t need slogging by hundreds of posts from other contacts who, while we might have “friended” them to be polite, make we wish we had a proceed to perspective updates from usually a people we really care about.

Based on  research, Microsoft identified 3 elemental areas where people wish some-more from their phones — communications, apps and a Internet — and found opportunities to innovate in each.  They saw how communication could be softened by bringing together a many ways people promulgate on their phones into a singular experience. They envisioned apps that could work together on your interest instead of forcing we to work in ways that they define. They also found ways to make browsing a Web faster and easier — and to strap a energy of a Internet though rising your browser.

With Windows Phone 7.5, we s get touchscreen Web browsing and all a apps we love. You also get all that creates a Windows Phone unique, including Windows Phone Hubs, a Start shade we can make your own, Windows Phone Live Tiles that yield updates during a glance, and Xbox LIVE, Office Mobile and a award-winning Zune party knowledge built-in. In fact, by a concentration on complicated communications, a smarter proceed to apps and creation a Internet work for you, we get all we favourite about Windows Phone 7 and more, including hundreds of new features, enhancements and under-the-hood improvements — all designed to put people first, so you’ll never skip a moment.

With Windows Phone 7.5, complicated communication is built-in, not bolted-on, so a people we correlate with and your conversations with them are front-and-center.

Windows Phone 7 took a opposite proceed to apps, creation them simply permitted when and where it done sense, such as all your games arrangement adult in a Games Hub. Live Tiles on a Start shade gave we updates during a peek — though a need to start a app first. And we done it easy for developers around a universe to build constrained new apps so that you’ll always have copiousness to select from.



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