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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 review

Since a launch of a original Samsung Galaxy Ace behind in Mar 2011, a Korean tech hulk has now managed to recover a third chronicle of a Galaxy Ace Android smartphone. Here is a full examination of a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.

At initial glance, a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 doesn’t seem to be a million miles divided from a predecessors; a Galaxy Ace Plus; and Galaxy Ace. See also: Group test: what’s a best smartphone?

The many apparent alleviation is a front-facing camera, a bigger arrangement and an additional 1GB of inner storage. However, in terms of a Android OS, processor and shade resolution, a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 still lives down to a ‘budget smartphone‘ price-tag. See also: Android phone?” href=”” rel=”follow”>Group test: what’s a best Android phone?

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2: Design

As mentioned above, you’d be forgiven for meditative not a lot has altered in a expansion of a Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone. The Ace 2 weighs in during 113g, that is 2g reduction than a prototype a Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. Samsung has also shaved a few millimeters of a height, breadth and abyss too.

The altogether demeanour of a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is still a tiny underwhelming – it’s like a Ford Focus of phones: not indispensably a bad thing, though it’s doubtful to spin any heads.

In terms of how a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 feels in your hand, critical credit has to be given. It’s flattering light and flattering gentle to use, with zero on a 3.8-inch touchscreen requiring most of a thumb-stretch.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 examination front 250x375As with all Samsung Smartphones, a Galaxy Ace 2 feels flattering plasticky when we initial take it out of a box, though once we square together a battery and behind cover to a phone it feels some-more prepared for battle… verging on solid.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2: Hardware

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 comes with a Dual-core ARMv7 800Mhz processor, that in terms of energy is a prolonged approach off a Exynos 4 Quad processor Samsung uses in other mobile products, though provides plenty thrust for a partially lightweight Ace 2.

The Galaxy Ace 2 has 555MB of accessible RAM on offer, that is flattering good deliberation that it’s designed for a reduce finish of a market. To use a high-end Samsung Galaxy S3 as a pen once again, that handset boasts 780MB of accessible memory, so a Ace 2 apparently isn’t too distant divided in terms of tender punching power.

Specs are one thing, though usability is a genuine pivotal for a smartphone. And from a time with a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 there isn’t an awful lot to protest about. It’s manageable a touch, loads apps fast though any con and a shade fortitude is good and frail too, despite not HD.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 examination side 250x375The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 can hoop mixed apps being open during a same time with out display any conspicuous signs of strain, that is a vital and indicate saying as this as been one of a areas where Android inclination have tended to onslaught and pile-up in a past.

The final indicate of note is that that a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 comes with an adequate, though not impressive, 4GB of inner space. If you’re lustful of stuffing adult your phone with pictures, videos and song don’t tatter as a Ace 2 also has a microSD container that supports adult to 32GB or additional storage.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace posted a flattering considerable Geek Bench 2 measure of 725, that positively puts it in a some-more fascinating tier of bill smartphones. To put that into perspective, a HTC One V, also a bill smartphone, achieved usually a measure of 282 and that handset is some-more costly to buy on a PAYG basis.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2: Camera

Samsung has propitious a Galaxy Ace 2 smartphone with both a behind and a front confronting camera. The behind is a bulk customary CMOS 5Mp camera. The picture peculiarity of a Ace 2’s camera is flattering good for a camera-phone, though not grand by any means. If we were going anywhere we wanted to take critical photos, you’d still wish your compress camera with you. That pronounced it’s some-more than able of capturing a pointy adequate picture to furnish an excusable printout.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 examination behind 250x375If Skype is some-more your arrange of thing than a you’ll be gratified to know a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2’s front-facing camera isn’t too unfair either. It’s usually a VGA camera, that means a indeed reduction than 1Mp, though it’s positively good adequate for video job – in fact a low-res camera is substantially accessible for information send speeds during video calls.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2: Software

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 comes versed with Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. It’s not startling that a bill smartphone doesn’t come versed with a latest handling system, though it is a tiny unsatisfactory all a same.

The aesthetics of a OS now is a little bit dated, generally if you’re looking during it with eyes that are used to saying Android inclination using ICS or Jelly Bean. However, a well-spoken to use and for a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2’s cost we can unequivocally protest too loudly.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2’s browser is excusable too. We ran it by a SunSpider exam and nonetheless it achieved somewhat worse than a HTC One V, a disproportion was reduction than 200ms, so it was flattering close. It terms of ‘real’ usage, it rubbed some flattering large websites in timely conform – in brief a browser opening isn’t going to blow your mind, though it will lead to we pulling your hair out either.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 250x175The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2’s keyboard is surprisingly atmospheric for a small(ish) device. Typing on a device is flattering effortless, though it does miss quivering when a pivotal is strike – a underline that we hunger for it we are used to it.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2: Battery

The battery is a whacking good thing in a behind of a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, holding adult roughly a entertain of a smartphone’s space. Bearing that in mind it is flattering unsurprising that a battery’s life is good. The statisticians out there will wish to know that it facilities a 1,500mAh lithium-ion battery – a tangible use knowledge can tell we that it can hoop a full day of normal use will extract left to spare.

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