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Samsung ChatON Mobile IM some-more mouth-watering than BBM

There are many present follower apps out there for your mobile phone, though we would like to move your courtesy to a re-launch of Samsung ChatON, it has always been Blackberry Messenger that took a universe by charge though many users have pronounced that this IM is some-more mouth-watering than BBM, we can't decider on this since we have not pitted a dual together nonetheless in a comparison, so we will let we criticism on this one.

We perceived an email seeking if we would like to write a small essay about Samsung ChatON, and to be honest during initial we suspicion here we go again another present follower app for mobile devices, though after looking during it some-more we unequivocally like it. You can have this on your Android phone, a iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows phone.

OK if we wish me to download during slightest give us something value meditative about? This would have been your subsequent doubt we are guessing; this is a new destiny for users to have that IM communication and charcterised messages for that additional fun and freedom.

Samsung ChatON app facilities embody this like “Enhanced Group Chat” where several friends can accept promote messages during once, or how about a “Trunk” that allows users to leave comments as good as share calm to and pity box. Other facilities embody “Animation Message” that are animation messages that users can emanate with strange texts and drawings, how about Anicon charcterised messages where charcterised emoticons from can be download, we also like Micro SNS Community and a Interaction Rank as good as Buddies contend where users can post comments directly to buddies form any time they please.

Samsung ChatON is now accessible in 120 countries and it covers 66 languages, we can download this app right now for iOS (iTunes), Android (Google Play)and many more, for a full download sum greatfully revisit

If we already have Samsung ChatON, greatfully let us know what we consider of it.

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