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Samsung ChatOn Messaging App Receives 1GB File Sharing And More

Samsung has now announced a series of new facilities that it has rolled out to a ChatON mobile messaging use for users to suffer within a latest 3.5 ChatON update.

Samsung’s ChatON applications now supports a operation of mobile OS’s including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and is also accessible to use on PC systems.

Samsung ChatOn

New facilities within ChatON embody a new augmenting record pity extent of adult to 1 GB permitting we to suffer even aloft peculiarity video clips by a ChatON service. It will also underline an augmenting ability for organisation chats, augmenting a top extent from 200 to 1,001 people.

Other vital new facilities combined to a Samsung ChatON focus is a ability for users to remember summary that they might have sent to a crony in 1:1 discuss rooms, even if a receiver has already review them. To lift out this duty ChatON users need usually reason a summary burble and name ‘Recall’ to make a summary disappear.

Samsung ChatON Version 3.5 has also brought extended interpretation facilities with a further of Arabic, Turkish, Farsi and Hindi, bringing a sum series of languages upheld by ChatON to 14, explains Samsung.

For some-more information on a new facilities within a Samsung ChatON app burst over to a Samsung Tomorrow website for details.

Source: Samsung

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