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Samsung Chat 322 and 335 intelligent messaging phones arrive in India

Facebook’s new surge of imbuing several handsets with a committed symbol appears to stress on how inclination are changing a amicable scenario. Why Facebook only? Look around and spotting a QWERTY-enabled phone in each other palm too is not out of a ordinary. Samsung hops into a Indian marketplace gripping some of these factors in mind. The company’s Chat 322 and 335 messaging phones container in a engorgement of accessible messaging attributes for connected users.

The Samsung Chat 322 in sold is claimed to be a initial Dual-SIM standby phone to tab along a QWERTY keypad. The propitious keyboard along with a touch-sensitive visual trackpad seems to go good with a discerning interface. The phone serve facilities a Smart homescreen charge that helps conduct information in an easy way. This totes in a customizable by-pass toolbar for present entrance to a friend list, adored apps, mail, SMS and a Personal Info Management (PIM) tracker. With PIM, users have entrance to calendar-based schedules and events among other things.

What’s more, a Smart homescreen has a ability to strut live ticker feeds too around a local Facebook and Twitter clients. Immediate entrance to scarcely 6 SNS links along with ActiveSync and Easy Email set adult should make regulating a phone a cinch. Additionally, a 322 sports a 3.55mm audio port, a 3 MP camera, 2.2” LCD arrangement and FM radio. Its 1000mAH battery is pronounced to offer around 12 hours and 49 mins of talktime along with a standby time of adult to 588 hrs. The phone includes 45MB of user memory that can be stretched adult to 8GB.

Ranjit Yadav, Country Head, Mobile IT, Samsung India Electronics during launch commented, “Consumers are increasingly wanting to stay connected with friends and family by SNS, IM and messaging while being on a move. These new QWERTY phones from Samsung accommodate their needs by available messaging facilities and during a same time offer differentiated facilities like Optical lane pad, ActiveSync or a Dual SIM Standby underline (Chat 322) that make them mount out from other messaging phones.”

Next, a Samsung Chat 335 flaunts a stylish bar form and is claimed to be a slimmest QWERTY handset during 11.9 mm. Armed with a 2.4” LQVGA TFT LCD shade propitious in a seamless lead design, it includes an visual lane pad and modernized SNS apps. The phone is dictated during users who rest mostly on texting and messaging and suggests simplification of a typing knowledge when on a move. The keypad’s prominence seems to be a ability to have shortcuts automatic in for discerning entrance to favourite applications.

Keeping in line with many committed discuss phones, a 335 too opens a arms to present messengers, SNSs, email and a horde of other local SNS attributes. It boasts of a Smart homescreen underline like a 322 along with softened connectivity with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB 2.0 support. A 3.5mm audio jack and 2MP camera lay flattering on a phone as well. There’s also a Find Music charge that aids in noticing song from any source. The enclosed 1000mAh battery coughs adult scarcely 14 hours in talktime while a handset’s user memory can be stretched adult to 8GB.

The Samsung Chat 322 and 335 strike India for a cost of Rs. 4,990 and Rs. 5,800 respectively.

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