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[ROM] [JB] Raging Bionic [7/24/2013]

Mod Type: ROM     Difficulty: Moderate     Mod Status: Stable     Mod Base: Blur (Motorola)     Carrier: Verizon
Requires Root: Yes     Apply In: Other (See Description)     Optional: Requires Data/Cache Wipe     Optional: Overclocked     Android Version: 4.1.2 (JB)

Team Rage Presents:


The Stock Based ROM with all a speed facilities we love!

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What it’s Got:

  • Improved GPS Lock and Accuracy
  • Fully Deodexed Thanks jp1044
  • Super Debloated
  • Full init.d support
  • LMT Launcher (PIE Controls) Thanks noname81
  • Battery Tweaks
  • Greenify App
  • Koush’s Superuser App Thanks Koushik Dutta
  • 1% Battery Mod Thanks Dluke
  • Fully Customizable Notification Toggles
  • Gapps baked in
  • Apex Launcher
  • Moto HD Launcher w/ Circles Widget
  • Jrummy’s Ad Blocker App
  • Apollo Music Player
  • Extreme build.prop tweaks
  • Increased Dalvik VM Heap Size
  • Disabled Kernel Logging for speed
  • Governors Schedulers Baked In
  • Optional Overclock Baked In
  • Loopy Smoothness Tweak
  • 4.2 Camera Gallery w/working Photosphere
  • Moto Camera Gallery
  • Lots of Performance Tweaks
  • Many Essential Root Apps Preinstalled


v0.1.8 7/21/2013

  • Initial Release

v0.1.9 7/22/2013

  • Fixed Non-Working Home Button Bug
  • Updated build.prop

v0.2 7/24/2013

  • Fixed Magnetic Sensor (Compass)
  • Cleaned adult complement files

How to Install Raging Bionic:


  • Boot into Safestrap v3.11
  • Select any Slot
  • Wipe Data / Factory Reset
  • Wipe cache and dalvik cache
  • Wipe System
  • Install ragingbionic.zip
  • Reboot System
  • Initial foot takes about 5 minutes…Dont Panic
  • Reboot
  • Profit

Enabling Overclock:

The OC book is in /system/etc/init.d The scripts are are commented out to forestall initial foot issues. I’ve had Bionics that pile-up during 1250mhz, while others fly during 1350+. Use tweakerz to “test a waters” afterwards go to a OC script, uncomment a scripts (delete a # in front of a script), and cgange a scripts to fit your preferred speed and voltages. For those of we on a 4 slot, leave a final line commented out.



Remember, once we uncomment a scripts, OC will stick. If we pull it too distant we will find yourself modifying with adb by liberation or reflashing your bootlooping soothing brick. Have fun guys and gals

If you’re not gentle operative with a scripts, we can always only request settings in tweakerz. This, however, will not tarry a reboot.

I, Team Rage, Droidrzr.com, nor anyone else will be obliged for what we do to your phone! If we do this right it should work well. If not…well…that’s what we’re here for. Remember, we all do this for fun and have genuine lives too. If we find any bugs, please be certain we followed a INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS accurately before reporting. This ROM is designed for SAFESTRAP 3.11 ONLY. Flash other methods during your possess risk!!


Team Rage

SafeStrap 3.11 Thanks Hashcode

Special interjection to my Friends during Team Rage for jumpstarting my Dev Skills…
BDH, Gerland The Oracle, usmcamgrimm, jl90

Koushik Dutta
P3 Droid Team Black Hat


If I’ve lost anyone PLEASE contend something so we can supplement we to my Credits! we severely conclude everybody’s tough work and we all merit credit for what we’ve done!

If we like my work and would only like to uncover your appreciation, PLEASE click a “Like This” button!!!!

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