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RIM Must Focus on Low End Right Now


Nokia indeed has an aggressively priced, picturesque line of models for rising markets with a Asha range. Can RIM let go of a unfit dreams about competing during a high-end and finally bend down for a dirty low-end conflict in rising markets? The government opinion seems scarily out of touch. Apple is simply not a picturesque aim for RIM – a association has to try to find low-end niches where iPhone can't reach.

RIMM astounded Wall Street yesterday by announcing that a subscriber bottom enlargement continues. a association has combined 2 M new subs in a past 3 months. Hitting 80 M is a genuine feat deliberation a North American section volumes expected tight by some-more than 75% over a past quarter.

It’s apparent where a expansion is coming: Southern Africa, East Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, Brazil. The aged European anchor of a UK marketplace has started slipping divided from RIM during a Apple-Samsung swell of a past 12 months.

RIM’s slim wish for presence rests on successful low-end product launches in a rising markets in a calendar year 2013. That is because a government concentration on pricey high-end inclination is concerning. Of march RIM has a unapproachable past as a high-end, reward smartphone brand. But it has no destiny unless it finds a approach to reason on to a rising marketplace share.

Recent signs from Brazil and Asia are not encouraging. Blackberry Curve sales have started flagging due to a archaic record of a device. The cost of a aged 8520 has floated down to 300 reals.  But  even at this turn it has been eclipsed by distant some-more complicated copy-cat inclination like Motorola Fire, Nokia Asha 303 and Samsung Chat – and some of those QWERTY phones are dire a cost down to 200 reals. The new Curve, a Bold and a Torch lines are simply labelled out of what a stream Brazilian marketplace can bear. The cost foe from Samsung, Nokia and Motorola has reshaped a Latin American marketplace – and RIM contingency find a low-cost arms to quarrel this conflict really soon.

Motokey – only 250 reals in Brazil

In Philippines, one of RIM’s Asian strongholds, a Bold and Torch lines are hopelessly overpriced during 15’000-27’000 Php. Even a new Blackberry Curve cost tops 12’000 Php. As a comparison, a HTC Wildfire is labelled next 11’000 Php and Samsung Galaxy Ace is 14’000 Php.

What RIM many needs right now is a bill line indication that emphasises a messaging facilities where Blackberry has built 20%-plus marketplace share in civic markets from South Africa to Malaysia. It should have revamped arrangement record and a decent camera – though it simply contingency be labelled to contest opposite Samsung and Chinese vendors.

This means next 300 reals in Brazil and next 12’000 Php in Philippines – RIM has to finally move out a code new value phone with a low cost during a debut. Cutting a cost dual years after a device has launched is no longer a oppulance a association can afford.








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