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RIM CEO: Video Chat to Coming to BBM in BlackBerry 10

thorsten-heinsIn response to a doubt during RIM’s annual shareholder discussion on Tuesday, CEO Thorsten Heins reliable that video discuss will heavily underline in BBM when a company’s arriving mobile OS hits early subsequent year. Simply, Heins said, “Think about adding facilities on BB10 such as video chat, for example, within BBM.”

The messaging height has turn a brave for a Waterloo company, and a pivotal strength as it looks to recover a balance opposite competitors like Android and iOS. Video discuss is positively zero new, and it comes as a underline in flattering most each new device that comes to market. Even still, Heins believes RIM can “upgrade that experience” when total with a BBM service, yet it’s misleading how, exactly, a association skeleton to do it.

In addition, Heins has no enterprise whatsoever to share BBM with other companies: “We wish to build on [BBM], and that’s because we don’t wish to share that strength,” Heins said. “We trust this is something that is really singular to us, that is really clever in the portfolio.”

[via The Verge]

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