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Revive your failing AirPods on a inexpensive with Podswap

Podswap takes AirPods impending a finish of their useful life and replaces them with a uninformed pair. And a recycling use costs extremely reduction than Apple charges to reinstate these wireless earbuds.

Plus, anyone regulating a use can take comfort meaningful that their aged AirPods will be recycled, not thrown away.

Batteries fundamentally wear out. With unchanging use, a time AirPods final on any assign usually decreases. After a integrate of years, Apple’s earbuds are good for usually an hour or so.

Apple will replace a pair with worn-out batteries for $98. Or Podswap will do it for $59.99.

Swap your failing AirPods with PodSwap recycling

The association is run by Emily Alpert and Emma Stritzinger. After Alpert’s AirPods were wearing out, they found a approach to reinstate a batteries, that is startling deliberation these inclination were not designed to be repairable.

The use refurbishes first- and second-generation AirPods. And business get a recycled span with uninformed batteries before they have to send in their aged earbuds.

iFixit tested their claims, carrying PodSwap remodel a specific pair, not do a swap. With new batteries, a exam inclination lasted 4 hours on a charge.

But a association warns that a span of recycled earbuds business accept used to go to someone else and have had their batteries replaced. “Fine scratches and other teenager imperfections might be manifest on your deputy units,” records PodSwap.

Currently, a recycling use is not accessible for AirPods Pro or AirPods Max. The same goes for a AirPods charging case.

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