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Review: Samsung Galaxy S5

Sometime within a final integrate of years, smartphones strike a wall. Make no mistake, they’re still improving. But manufacturers are carrying to try a lot harder to make their phones mount out from a crowd. Can a latest flagship from a world’s biggest smartphone-maker arise above a rest? Let Gizmag try to answer, as we examination a Samsung Galaxy S5.

  • The Galaxy S5's dimpled pleather subsidy sounds cheesy, nonetheless it's also unequivocally gentle to ...
  • The GS5 is a small thicker this year, during 8.1 mm
  • The Galaxy S5 is 142 mm prolonged and 73 mm wide
  • It competence not be done of reward build materials (like a HTC One M8), nonetheless we consider a GS5...
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Today’s smartphones have a common theme. Pick one of them up, play with it, and you’ll substantially notice a few cold new features. New sensor here, somewhat bigger arrangement there, agree program pattern everywhere. On a whole, though, a phone substantially isn’t going to feel a lot opposite from final year’s model. It will substantially give we just adequate of an ascent that you’d skip it if we went behind to a final version. This is a story of a HTC One (M8), a iPhone 5s, and several other flagships. But is it also a story of a new Samsung Galaxy S5? Let’s take a look.

It competence not be done of reward build materials (like a HTC One M8), nonetheless we consider a GS5...

Samsung has done one ruin of a good phone here. The Galaxy S5 has a lot in common with a Galaxy S4, nonetheless a GS4 was already a flattering damn good phone. And if we had put together a wish list of ways that Samsung could have softened a GS4, thereafter a GS5’s new facilities would have ticked utterly a few of those boxes – and thereafter some. Today, that’s about all we can ask for.

The initial alleviation comes from a Galaxy S5‘s build. The customary cosmetic found on a Galaxy S4 (and many of Samsung‘s pre-2014 mobile devices) was light and durable, nonetheless it also felt flattering inexpensive and flimsy. Now Samsung has incited over a new root and transposed that customary cosmetic with … a opposite kind of plastic. Pleather. With dimples.

A closer demeanour during a dimpled mistake leather finish

Okay, so dimpled mistake leather competence sound chintzy. And maybe it is. But we consider it is a step brazen for a Galaxy S series. And what a pleather lacks in authenticity, it creates adult for in comfort. we consider a somewhat soft-touch finish feels good in hand. If you’re going to make a large phone like a GS5 (it has about 40 percent some-more aspect area than a iPhone 5s), thereafter it’s going to assistance if we can make it as gentle as possible. Samsung strike a bullseye there. we consider a GS5 feels many improved in palm than a biggest opposition on a Android side of a fence, a HTC One M8.

I poured H2O on a GS5, and it came out as good as new

If we had to collect one torpedo underline for a Galaxy S5, I’d substantially go with a H2O resistance. we wouldn’t call it water-proof, nonetheless with a rating of IP67, it can lay in 1 scale (3.3 ft) of H2O for 30 mins and keep on ticking. To assistance make this happen, Samsung put a cover over a phone’s charging pier (a discerning crack with your fingernail will cocktail this open when we need to extract up).

Yep, still water-resistant

Samsung is frequency a initial phone-maker to do this (Sony launched a water-resistant flagship in early 2013 and Samsung‘s possess Galaxy S4 Active had a same IP67 rating). But it’s still a good covering of insurance to have in one of a many renouned phones on a planet. You can now use your GS5 while you’re in a showering or bath, or even poolside or in a prohibited tub, nonetheless any worries. Even those hapless toilet drops aren’t utterly as large of a regard anymore.

The GS5 also has a fingerprint scanner in a home button

The Galaxy S5‘s home symbol doubles as a fingerprint scanner. If we confirm to set adult fingerprint security, a appropriate down over a home symbol will clear your (otherwise) password-protected device. It’s a good mix of confidence and convenience.

The fingerprint scanner works well. Since we have to slip your finger over a home button, rather than usually rest it there (like we do on a iPhone 5s), there is a small some-more of a training curve. Now that we have a hang of it, we can roughly always get it to register on a initial try. But when we initial started regulating a GS5, we would infrequently lean my finger too distant in one direction, slip too slowly, or slip off center, and it wouldn’t take.

If it doesn’t register, though, a GS5 pops adult small messages that manager we into shifting it usually right. So even if we have some difficulty during first, it’s easy to get better. Eventually a right kind of appropriate becomes second-nature, and we don’t even have to consider about it.

There is also a small pretence we can use to boost your odds. The GS5 lets we register 3 fingers, so we automatic a same finger (the one we use a most) twice. When we was “teaching” a GS5 to commend it, we swiped from somewhat opposite angles any time. At slightest in theory, this should double your contingency of removing a successful swipe.

You can also use your fingerprint to substantiate PayPal purchases

You can also use a fingerprint scanner to record into PayPal and sanction PayPal or Samsung Apps purchases. we tested both, and had no problems verifying those logins with my print. It’s lovely being means to buy an app or check on a PayPal send nonetheless carrying to enter a cue or PIN. we demeanour brazen to a day when any cue can be transposed with my unique-as-a-snowflake fingerprint.

I do consider Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor works somewhat improved than a scanner in a GS5. On a iPhone 5s, we can usually rest your finger on a symbol for a brief impulse (usually reduction than a second) and – bam – you’re in. On a GS5, a swiping, and a unwavering training routine that goes along with swiping usually a right way, drops that preference cause down a notch. It isn’t a thespian difference, though, and even if it isn’t utterly Touch ID-level, we consider a scanner is still a superb choice to have in a GS5.

One good reward with a fingerprint scanner is that a home symbol now feels some-more solid. The GS4’s home symbol felt a small inexpensive and flimsy, nonetheless a GS5’s symbol is firmer, with a snappier “click” to it.

The GS5 has a heart rate sensor sitting next a behind camera

The fingerprint scanner isn’t a Galaxy S5‘s usually biometric sensor. Samsung also threw in a heart rate sensor that sits on a device’s back, usually next a camera. Anytime we wish to check your pulse, usually glow adult a S Health app (there’s even a home shade widget that lets we burst loyal to a heart rate apportionment of a app), reason your finger on a symbol for a few seconds, and get your reading.

After a few seconds holding your finger on a sensor, a GS5 will tell we your beat ra...

The heart rate sensor works as advertised. It can infrequently take adult to 10-15 seconds to read, and you’ll also wish to try to reason still and be still while it’s measuring. But we can design accurate readouts. It’s good for exercising, people who are examination their highlight levels, or even as a curiosity. If we buy any of Samsung‘s new wearables, nonetheless – a Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, or Gear Fit – thereafter a GS5’s beat guard is going to be a small redundant, as they any have one too.

The GS5's 5.1-in arrangement looks good – and gives we 4 percent some-more genuine estate than a G...

The GS5 has a superb display. It’s 4 percent bigger than a Galaxy S4‘s display, with a same razor-sharp 1080p resolution. The additional genuine estate is subtle, nonetheless also noticeable. The GS5’s 5.1-in shade strikes a good change between shade distance and phone size. Any bigger, and it would be coming Galaxy Note territory.

This is simply one of a best smartphone displays I’ve used. I’ve been observant that a lot lately, with a glorious screens on a HTC One M8, Nexus 5, and Galaxy Note 3 (among others) also giving we atmospheric and beautiful 1080p screens.

This time, Samsung transposed a menu pivotal with a new apps key

Android has been relocating in a instruction of onscreen practical navigation keys (home, back, and new apps) for some time now. But we cite Samsung‘s approach, with a earthy home symbol and dual capacitive keys all sitting next a screen.

That’s because, even nonetheless Android’s Immersive Mode does divided with other phones’ practical buttons in a many critical places (image galleries, videos, and, sometimes, e-books), a rest of their apps finish adult sacrificing some shade genuine estate. But interjection to Samsung‘s off-screen buttons, you’ll always be means to use 100 percent of a shade in a Galaxy S5.

Samsung also altered one of those capacitive keys this time around. In usually about any other Samsung device, we had a behind pivotal to a right of a home button, and a menu pivotal on a left. But given Android developers now use on-screen menu buttons (those 3 straight dots), Samsung altered a menu pivotal to a new apps pivotal in a GS5. If we still insist on carrying a dedicated menu button, thereafter a long-press on a new apps pivotal will do a trick.

That change also opens a doorway to another subtle, nonetheless welcome, change. Since we no longer have to long-press on a home symbol to perspective your new apps (like on a GS4), that long-press now fires adult Google Now. None of these changes are life-altering, nonetheless they do make navigating around a GS5 usually a bit smoother.

Samsung's settings menu now has a complicated prosaic design

Samsung done a few changes to TouchWiz, a Samsung-made program skin that sits on tip of Android 4.4 KitKat. It now has a “flatter” look, matching to what Apple did with iOS 7 (and, in integrity to Samsung, it’s an altogether attention trend, not usually an Apple thing). Icon dump shadows, that copy a clarity of depth, are subtler or totally axed in opposite areas of a GS5.

The biggest program change Samsung done wasn’t an addition, so many as a subtraction. Or, if we prefer, a reorganization. If you’ve ever used a Galaxy S4, thereafter we know that a phone’s settings menus were a mess.

The settings menus are many easier to navigate this time around, interjection to a accessible hunt ...

Well, Samsung unequivocally spotless things adult in a GS5. There are still copiousness of settings menus, nonetheless now it has a good hunt tool. Open settings, daub a magnifying glass, and now find whichever settings menu you’re looking for. The association also took divided a few features, like several of a some-more gimmicky camera effects, instead running we to download them from a Samsung Apps store if we still wish to use them.

The Galaxy S5 has a 16 MP behind camera

Speaking of a camera, a Galaxy S5 has a damn good one. When we take shots underneath crappy lighting, a GS5 doesn’t make them demeanour quite as splendid or colorful as a HTC One M8’s UltraPixel camera does. But that competition is closer than we would have expected. And of march a GS5’s 16 MP sensor gives we sensuous and pointy shots when we have good lightning.

Even nonetheless Samsung saved some storage space by creation some of those sharpened modes downloadable, there are still lots of effects, filters, and modes watchful for we in a GS5. There’s a good HDR feature, and we can do things like well-spoken a coming of portraits, glow panoramas, supplement Instagram-like selected effects (either while sharpened or while modifying afterwards), or constraint high shutter-speed stills of fast-moving objects. When you’re modifying a shot you’ve already taken, all a customary spin adjustments are there, and some mural effects for shots where a face is detected.

The GS5 has a easier set of sharpened modes this time (though we can still download a few...

One of a many engaging (and, well, bizarre) new sharpened modes is Virtual Tour, a realtor’s dream come true. In this mode, a camera tells we to pivot a camera and thereafter travel in opposite directions. The ensuing video looks like one of those guided tours you’d see on a realty or let group website – consider relocating Google Street View, usually set inside a house. All it’s blank is a cheesy, copyright-free conveyor song grooving in a background.

One teenager nitpick we have with a GS5’s camera is that it takes a while to glow it adult from a close screen. As fast, smooth, and lag-free as this phone’s opening is, I’m astounded a camera doesn’t start adult quicker. After shifting a camera idol on a close screen, we have to wait about 5 or 6 seconds before it’s prepared to take a picture. That partial could really be a small zippier.

I could go on longer about a Galaxy S5‘s camera – and we substantially will in destiny posts. But a bottom line is that this is simply one of a improved cameras you’ll find on a smartphone. It has loads of features, nonetheless it’s also easy to usually collect up, shoot, and come out with a flattering damn good shot (even if that takes a small longer than I’d like to get there).

Like a Galaxy Note 3, a GS5 uses a micro USB 3.0 pier for charging – and it's shielded...

The GS5 has good battery life. I’ve been regulating it flattering heavily any day given we got my hands on it, and it’s always still lasted from morning to night (though infrequently usually by a hair). In a customary test, where we tide video with liughtness set during 75 percent, it lasted a superb 9 hours and 27 minutes. That’s 7 mins longer than a HTC One M8 lasted in a same test. Both are superb results, and many longer than any other phones we’ve put by that test.

Ultra Power Saving Mode lets we widen a few commission points of battery life into hour...

If we do occur to have a day where we pull a battery to a limits, you’ll wish to check out a new underline called Ultra Power Saving Mode. Turn it on, and a GS5’s arrangement shifts to black white. You thereafter have a new home shade with usually a basics: phone, content messages, and web browser. You can also supplement a few other elementary apps, like a calculator, Google+, or Samsung‘s discuss app. All other nonessential credentials processes are killed.

After switching into Ultra Power Saving Mode, we can take a minute smidge of battery life and spin it into hours (Samsung says 10 percent extract will widen out to 24 hours). It creates sense, given your GS5, during that point, fundamentally becomes a saved underline phone. UPS Mode is ideal for those times when your battery is roughly out of extract nonetheless we don’t wish to totally dump off a grid. It gives we usually adequate functionality to promulgate with a world, nonetheless not adequate to kill your battery.

Ultra Power Savings Mode turns a shade black  white, and exceedingly boundary nonessential p...

Ultra Power Saving Mode is a kind of talent underline that’s so elementary it creates we consternation since nobody else suspicion of it before. we consider it competence also be a best justification nonetheless that Samsung can be an innovative company. As distant as we know, this kind of underline wasn’t on any phones before Samsung put it in a GS5. HTC is now adding a same kind of underline to a One M8, nonetheless given Samsung‘s chronicle was announced a month progressing – and it wasn’t prepared for a One M8 when it launched – we can usually assume that HTC copied Samsung here.

One advantage that HTC’s chronicle has over Samsung‘s is that we can set HTC’s to automatically flog in when we strike a certain battery level. You have to start Samsung‘s Ultra Power Saving Mode manually. This isn’t a outrageous understanding to me, nonetheless it would be good to have a choice to start it automatically on a GS5.

The Galaxy S5's dimpled pleather subsidy sounds cheesy, nonetheless it's also unequivocally gentle to ...

I don’t consider there’s any doubt that a Galaxy S5 is one of a best smartphones we can buy today. In fact, if we had to collect a dual best phones out there, I’d consider for about a half a second before selecting a GS5 and HTC One M8. Lots of people would chuck a iPhone 5s into that review too, and we can positively see that indicate of view. But we privately consider a 38 percent smaller shade manners it out.

It’s removing harder and harder to make an innovative smartphone. And nonetheless a GS5 has some innovative features, it isn’t a radical change from final year’s Galaxy S4. But we also consider it’s a bigger ascent than some have been creation it out to be.

The Galaxy S5 is 142 mm prolonged and 73 mm wide

Some have even compared a Galaxy S5 to an iPhone S-series (iPhones 5s, 4s, 3GS) update. But those S-year iPhones always have screens and exteriors that are matching to their predecessors’. If we review a GS5 to its predecessor, you’ll see that it has a bigger screen, new build materials, dual new biometric sensors, and some flattering superb H2O resistance. we consider that’s a many bigger ascent than a phone that looks accurately like a one it’s replacing.

But this isn’t about a iPhone, and it positively isn’t a pissing competition between dual good smartphones. we usually move adult a comparison given we consider Samsung deserves some-more credit for a improvements in a Galaxy S5. If you’re a Galaxy S4 owner, thereafter upgrading competence not be a no-brainer. But we also don’t consider it’s a no-brainer not to upgrade. The Galaxy S5 is a poignant refurbish – during slightest as distant as 2014 updates go.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is accessible now, with a bottom 16 GB indication typically offered for US$650 off-contract, or $200 with a new two-year blood promise if we live in a US.

If you’re deliberation a GS5 and are also meditative about throwing in one of Samsung‘s new wearables, thereafter we can check out a reviews of a Gear 2 smartwatch and Gear Fit aptness band/smartwatch hybrid.

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