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Review Roundup: Google Pixel Buds Bomb, Win Few Accolades


It’s mostly formidable for first-generation products to prove fans — we ourselves took Apple to task for a $159 wireless AirPods — though a feedback entrance in on Google’s Pixel Buds is roughly wholly bad.

We’ve dull adult reviews from Android Police, Digital Trends, Gizmodo, Mashable, and Slashgear. Only one review, Mashable, gave a Pixel Buds a certain measure or recommendation.

Audio peculiarity is one of a many critical qualities in a set of earbuds that cost over $100, though mixed reviewers report a Pixel Buds as intermediate during best. Android Police calls them “pretty ok,” while Digital Trends writes: “We’ve already seen some early reviewers ranking a Pixel Buds among a best wireless headphones they’ve heard. To them we say: It’s time to check out some some-more wireless headphones.” DT does go on to note that a sound peculiarity is decent, if not exceptional. Mashable, that gives them a certain examination overall, still rates a sound peculiarity as “average.”

Nearly everybody dislikes a charging case. Android Police calls it “one of a many frustrating, badly-designed products I’ve seen in a while.” Digital Trends records that a box lid feels groundless and a wire that connects a earbuds mostly tries to burst out of a case. Slashgear records “the whole thing feels like a miniaturized takeout enclosure lonesome with fabric.” Gizmodo done a scarcely matching observation.

Pixel Buds carrying case

It’s a all-new McBluetooth! Image by Android Police

One of a ostensible advantages to Apple’s bold AirPods is easy pairing with iPhones, though Google’s Pixel Buds onslaught to broach an homogeneous benefit. Pixel Buds can usually span to one device during a time (AirPods can span with all your Apple products), and a product doesn’t support streamlined pairing on Chromebooks or other laptops yet.

Pairing with a new device requires we have a carrying box (AirPods have no such restriction), and we can’t even spin them off though a carrying box (they spin off when extrinsic into it). And while a Pixel Buds are utterly vast for tethered earbuds, definition a dual earbuds are connected together, a five-hour battery life they explain is merely homogeneous to what Apple’s actually-wireless AirPods offer. That’s significantly reduction than a 8-10 hours we can get from other tethered earbuds.

Opinions change on a translation feature, that Google bills as a essentially transformative approach to use a phone. Android Police had difficulty removing a program to duty scrupulously and found a setup clunky, though Digital Trends had a most some-more certain experience. Keep in mind, however, that this capability is usually accessible on Pixel inclination — it won’t work on Samsung, LG, or HTC mobile phones.


Mashable: “Personal character preferences aside, we consider Apple AirPods are ideal for what they cost. They sound good, a box is small, and a battery lasts forever.” Their review, however, appears to be an outlier.

Android Police: “I feel like we finished adult with them [Pixel Buds] not since Google honestly suspicion they were a constrained product, though since a Pixel 2s don’t have a headphone jack and Google indispensable something to go adult opposite a Airpods.”

Digital Trends: “Unless you’re a Pixel phone owners who travels abroad on a unchanging basis, we’d suggest looking elsewhere.”

Slashgear: The Pixel Buds are an suddenly pale indicate in Google’s 2017 device line-up. In fact, it’s tough to shun a suspicion that they were rushed out to contest with AirPods… Unfortunately, while they guarantee plenty, a tangible knowledge underwhelms.

Gizmodo: “In a intolerable tract twist, a Apple earbuds are some-more versatile than a Google earbuds and indeed work with Android devices. Why anyone would buy a wireless tool that usually worked with specific inclination is over me.”

Our Take:

Based on a altogether effort of a reviews, these seem like a tough product to recommend. If we know you’ll like it after reading several reviews, that’s one thing, though make certain we do your investigate on a pitfalls and snares first. The Pixel Buds don’t offer a same high-quality knowledge as Apple’s AirPods, and they don’t exercise their pairing facilities or harmony options as well, either. If you’re already a Pixel owner, these issues might not matter, though everybody else should give it some thought.

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