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Review: Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480

The K480 keyboard works with mixed devices: tablets, phones, and computers, all with opposite handling systems.

The K480 keyboard works with mixed devices: tablets, phones, and computers, all with opposite handling systems. Logitech


Connects to mixed handling systems: iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Windows. Switch between inclination with a turn of a knob. Minimal setup effort. Long battery life. Spacious layout.


Cheap build quality. Loud and irritating clack-clack-clack sounds while typing. Not all that mobile—leave it during your desk. Takes AAAs, no built-in rechargeable battery like Logitech’s other mobile-friendly keyboards.

My daily slight when nearing during a bureau entails holding a smartphone out of my pocket, unpacking an iPad, and branch on my MacBook Air. All of these inclination are placed on my table in a forever-changing arrangement.

As a day progresses and we accept several alerts and notifications, we find myself personification a diversion of low-pitched devices. we burst from my phone to my inscription to my PC, differing my flesh memory with any interaction, as any device has a possess singular submit method. It’s like a playground act. I’ve grown accustomed to it as most as a tellurian can. You’re substantially informed with it, too.

The Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 is a wireless tool that lets we use one keyboard to form submit into mixed devices. It works with iOS, Mac, Windows and Android devices. Switching between interconnected inclination is finished regulating a preference dial located usually above a shun key. This is a good change from many wireless keyboards done for use with usually one device, like Logitech’s possess keyboards for iPad.

Pairing a keyboard requires we to set a dial to one of 3 accessible positions, press a analogous pivotal for device type, and follow normal Bluetooth pairing directions on your device. The sum time it took me to set it up—from opening a box to carrying interconnected a K480 with a Moto X, iPad Air and MacBook Air—was underneath 5 minutes.

Two AAA batteries come pre-installed in a keyboard. For those eye-rolling during Logitech and griping that a thing should have a rechargeable battery instead, concede me to remind we of a $50 cost tag. Additionally, according to Logitech, a batteries in a K480 should final adult to dual years with normal “office usage” (the association calculates this during dual million keystrokes per year).

When we wish to barter from phone to tablet, we usually poke that dial. we was astounded during a speed a keyboard away from one device, afterwards connected to another. Any delays in a tie routine were negligible, with a longest check being gifted when joining to a iPad. Of course, you’ll still need a rodent or a trackpad if you’re pairing it with a PC, given there’s no indicating device built in to a K480.

The pivotal arrangement is designed for mixed handling systems, with separate functionality for a likes of a “alt” and “cmd” keys for Windows and OS X, respectively. For mobile devices, a tip quarrel of keys offers shortcuts for a home and behind keys found on Android and iOS devices, as good as media controls and a hunt key.

The shoal channel that runs usually above a keys offers a cradle for possibly an iPad and smartphone in mural orientation, or a singular iPad (or identical sized tablet) in a landscape orientation. The observation angle of any device placed in a channel isn’t adjustable, though we found it to be sufficient when operative during both a sitting and station desk.

It doesn’t lend itself good to portability. The keyboard weighs 1.81 pounds, and it’s 0.78 inches thick. You could lift it around, though it’s transparent a thing is meant to stay during home during your desk.

My biggest emanate with a K480 is a feel of it. I’m not articulate about a pivotal layout, that is utterly spacious, or a transport on a keys, that is fine. Rather, a device is unabashedly plastic, and it feels inexpensive when we type. Each pivotal press is reliable not usually by characters appearing, though also by a plasticky “click” sound from a keyboard itself. The sound was so distracting a initial time we used a keyboard, we had to put on headphones to drown it out. I’ve grown some-more accustomed to a sound a some-more I’ve used a keyboard, and now it’s some-more of a credentials tittering.

As someone who works in an bureau of one, a clickity-clack finished adult being a teenager drawback. In a incomparable office, it’s turn of distrurbance would positively be magnified. That said, a K480 is a keyboard value looking during if you’re in a marketplace for one able of joining to mixed devices. Its discerning setup process, OS versatility, and medium cost all make it an appealing purchase.

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