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Review: Droid Bionic is a winner

That’s when Verizon initial showed off a smartphone to reporters during a International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, observant it would be among 4 4G phones a conduit would recover in a initial half of this year.

The other 3 phones — a HTC ThunderBolt, LG Revolution and Droid Charge — strike that mark. The Droid Bionic did not.

After months of delays, a Droid Bionic will be accessible Thursday from Verizon for $300 with a two-year agreement agreement.

I’ve been regulating a Bionic for about a week and it’s simply a best phone I’ve used all year.

The Bionic has undergone a series of revisions given we initial got my hands on it during CES, including a box redesign that has done a corners a bit reduction rounded. It has also gotten noticeably thinner.

Isaac Brekken, AP

Verizon displayed a 4G Motorola Droid Bionic during a Consumer Electronics Show in January.

The phone that will finally strike store shelves Thursday is a neat and plain square of hardware that is a initial phone to run on Verizon‘s screaming quick 4G LTE network and also have a dual-core processor.

Solid hardware

The Droid Bionic has an 8-megapixel camera and captures 1080p high-definition video.

The picture peculiarity here was decent — on standard with other tip smartphone offerings.

It comes with 16 GB of inner storage and a 16 GB microSD card, that is expandable adult to 32 GB for a sum of 48 GB.

The $300 cost indicate pits it opposite a top-tier iPhone, that also has 32 GB of sum storage.

The Bionic facilities a mobile hotspot function, permitting users to share a 4G information tie with adult to 5 inclination over WiFi.

Monthly skeleton for a Bionic start during $70 a month for 450 mins of speak time and 2 GB of data. The mobile hotspot functionality can be incited on for $30 some-more a month and an additional 2 GB of data.

In only a week of complicated use of a Bionic, we amassed scarcely 6 GB of information usage, so business will have to be clever how many information they use with a quick 4G connection. It’s now easier to use a lot some-more data.

Software quirks

The Droid Bionic runs Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and comes with an appealing set of homescreen widgets from Motorola.

The Web browser on a Droid Bionic is snappy, generally on a 4G network. Playing Flash videos offering no issues.

As is a box with all new Android phones, concordant apps are a bit strike and miss.

The Droid Bionic does support Netflix video streaming, though video job inside a Skype app did not work in my tests. Skype has gradually been ancillary video job on Android-based phones, so design a Bionic to see that underline by a module refurbish soon.

Hulu Plus is also not available.

The Bionic includes a Motorola-built module called ZumoCast that allows users to tide music, videos, cinema and papers stored on a personal mechanism to a phone.

Gmail e-mail messages on a Bionic are still relegated to a standalone app apart from other e-mail accounts — a infuriating Android gift that has been around given a really beginning.

Battery fares well

The battery tests on a Droid Bionic offering some earnest results.

While behaving a continual streaming video exam over WiFi with a shade set to 75% liughtness — brighter than a endorsed environment — we was means to get only bashful of 5 hours of battery life. That’s a good mark.

The battery lasted roughly 3 hours when a phone was used ceaselessly as a WiFi hotspot and connected to my Apple iPad and laptop, that afterwards used Verizon‘s superfast 4G LTE network to bond to a Web.

Also good: The battery took only some-more than dual hours to entirely recharge. This isn’t a phone that spends as many time plugged in as it does being used.

Remember that these tests are meant to quick empty a battery in continual use conditions. In real-life use, a Droid Bionic will final absolutely from morning until night.

Presentation lacks

The Droid phones from Motorola haven’t been helped by selling that has portrayed them as soulless machines.

The celebrity that Motorola has built into a Bionic is apparently a baritone cyborg. Turn it on and you’ll hear a characteristic, and offputting, “Drooooooooid” commercial as a phone boots up.

It comes in a futuristic, metallic-looking package. Its full set of default backgrounds make a phone demeanour like a splendid red circuit house — not accurately a many receptive of devices.

There is no denying a implausible energy packaged inside a Droid Bionic.

But many of a captivate to a iPhone is a concept appeal. It’s a device that sensitively fits seamlessly into a digital lives.

Apple doesn’t even tell business how quick a iPhone’s processor speed is or how many RAM is packaged inside. Phones like a Droid Bionic lead with proclamations about processor speed and power.

Android — a module height that has turn impossibly discriminating and mainstream this year — deserves better.

Most business aren’t won by fact sheets that list things like dual-core processors or HDMI connectivity. They don’t wish a appurtenance or tool. They wish a square of a sorcery that has sent a iPhone to a tip of buyers’ wish lists.

The Droid Bionic has that, if we can wade by all a cold packaging.

It’s an certainly good phone, powered by a fastest wireless network in a atmosphere today.

For those who have been watchful out a 4G smartphone competition this summer, anticipating for a strike with a Bionic, your wait has been rewarded. This one is value buying.

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