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Raspberry Pi Zero turns a Motorola Lapdock into an tangible laptop

Some of we competence have a Motorola Lapdock laying around from your days as an Atrix or Droid Bionic user. It competence be time to dirt it off, since it turns out it’s utterly easy to spin it into a full-on laptop.

It won’t cost we most income to do a conversion, either, if we follow a skeleton laid out by blogger Ax0n over during H-I-R.net. All it takes is a Raspberry Pi Zero and a integrate of cables. Heck, even if we have to go out and buy a Lapdock this still isn’t an costly build.

The Raspberry Pi Zero sells for only $5. You can collect adult a dual cables we need — micro USB to USB OTG and womanlike micro HDMI to HDMI — from Amazon for around $8. You should be means to find a operative Lapdock on eBay for $60 or $70. That brings a sum check to roughly $80.

The Pi Zero’s 1GHz Broadcomm processor isn’t going to spin a Lapdock into a Microsoft Surface competitor, though it’s absolute adequate to stone your favorite emulator, do a small web browsing or word processing, and watch some 1080p videos.

raspberry pi 0 lapdock

This isn’t a initial time someone has bending a Raspberry Pi adult to a Lapdock, though it’s one of a some-more superb setups since Ax0n managed to fit scarcely all inside a case. After tucking things behind a Lapdock’s keyboard, Ax0n done a integrate of other discerning modifications to a chassis.

He drilled out dual holes — one to concede easy entrance to a Pi’s micro SD label container and another only over a Lapdock’s reset button. If he has to awaken it into starting adult properly, it’s a whole lot easier to poke a pinkie in than to lift out a spudger and examine a box detached only to entrance a button.

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