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Question: What Was Your First Smartphone?

It’s crazy to consider how distant we’ve come in a smartphone attention in such a brief duration of time. Summing adult a timeline in my head, we started with phones that were rather tiny (OG DROID, OG iPhone, etc.), afterwards they got large and massive (DROID X), afterwards a happy center belligerent was found (HTC One M7), and now we have phones with over 6″ QHD displays usually chilling in a pockets. Steve Jobs is really lol’ing during his prior “Hummer” comments from a beyond.

Anyway, today, we wish to know about your initial smartphone. What was it? For me, I’d have to contend it was a OG DROID, though that’s usually if we don’t count a LG Voyager we had before it. Tech reviewers behind in a day labeled a Voyager an iPhone killer. What a garland of asshats. So, yeah, OG DROID was my initial true smartphone and we enjoyed each singular second of regulating it.

What was your initial smartphone? An Android? iPhone? BlackBerry? What done we confirm to get it?

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