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PURE Modules Aim To Make Prototyping Easier

[Sashi]’s PURE modules system wants your subsequent wireless microcontroller and sensor procedure plan to be put together regulating card-edge connectors. But it’s a lot deeper than that — PURE is an whole wireless tool growth ecosystem. Striking a change between completeness and modularity is really difficult; a handle can lift any possible electronic signal, though only handing someone a raise of wires presents them a high training curve. PURE is during a other finish of a spectrum: all is specified.

So far, dual microcontroller options are accessible in a system, a nRF52 array and TI’s CC2650. Both of these run a Contiki OS, so it doesn’t matter that of these we choose. Wired information is all transmitted over I2C and connects adult around a previously-mentioned card-edge connectors. On a wireless side, information ride is rubbed by an MQTT broker, regulating a MQTT-sn various that is improved matched to tiny radio devices. At a custom covering all uses Protocol Buffers, Google’s newest thought for adding some structure to a data.

modules_in_arduinoWhat all this means is that it should be really easy to get code, devices, and WiFi-connected computers and services all operative together. Besides a overview accessible during Hackaday.io, there are hardware and software repositories on GitHub, and [Sashi] even put together an Instructable to get we started creation your possess modules. It’s also adult on Kickstarter during a moment, so check that out if you’re not feeling DIY.

PURE uses stream open-source and interoperable technologies during each step of a way, entrance together into what looks like a good thought-out system. Will something like this assistance we shun a connector zoo that characterizes the complicated hacking scene? We have no idea, though it looks like a totally reasonable fifteenth standard.

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