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Punit Soni Packs Bags, Departs Role as VP of Product Management during Motorola

punit soni

Punit Soni, who came to Motorola as a VP of Product Management over from Google, announced currently by his Google+ page that he is departing the company. In a message, he takes a moment to demeanour behind on his time with Motorola, going over a few of his favorite memories, as good as vocalization about his initial time on Motorola’s campus in Illinois. 

With a help of Punit, who was injected into a association from Google while they owned it, Motorola came behind to life in a eyes of many consumers. During his time there, a association launched a Moto X, rebuilt a program stacks, and launched a many successful smartphone ever, a Moto G. Soni was also really concerned with Motorola fans on Google+, mostly responding questions about destiny program updates or articulate about a company’s decisions involving things like developer editions of phones.

As for what a destiny holds, Punit gives no discuss to his plans. In a comments of his post, he states that he will still be around, followed by a calming smiley face.

Best of fitness on your subsequent endeavor, Punit. We wish to see we behind during Google someday soon.

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