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Protect your AirTags with these high-end keychain holders

You’ve got your AirTags. Now we only need a approach to insert them to a rigging we never wish to remove again. This affordable AirTag keychain holder lets we bond one of Apple’s tracking tags to your keys, backpack, purse or whatever else we need to keep tabs on.

Sleek and done of high-grade silicone, this lightweight keychain hilt will fit seamlessly over your AirTag. It will strengthen a high-tech tracker from water, dust, scratches and whatever else bland life competence chuck a way.

This is a ideal AirTag appendage to take with we on trips, either you’re using to a store or hopping on a flight. If we take a demeanour during a Apple-branded accessories that offer a same purpose, they’re double a cost of this one. Plus, they leave your AirTag receptive to scratches and other wear and tear.

Affordable silicone AirTag keychain holder

You can get this AirTag keychain hilt in 3 opposite colors:

  • Black
  • Pink
  • Navy blue

No matter what color(s) we pick, we can get this good AirTag appendage for just $14.95. They frequently cost $29, so shelve adult these assets before this understanding expires.

Prices theme to change.

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