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Power Tools With Undeniable Style


While a energy tool’s primary idea is functionality, there isn’t a reason as to because it can’t be a small some-more pleasing to demeanour at! The Salley Power Tools set is finished adult of dual devices, a cordless motorist and a compress hop saw, both of that share a same core code values: evident style, focused opening and consistent attitude. With values like this, a products that come with them are always going to be good!

It’s their aesthetics that unequivocally make them mount out from their competitors; a high resisting colors that make adult a physique are afterwards malleable by a natural, inexperienced finish of a cork, that has been used on a handles to offer comfort.

While a aesthetics have been severely considered, a functionality hasn’t been ignored; a bottom of a cordless motorist houses 6 screwdriver bits, and a spin dial has been positioned between a user’s index finger and ride for palliate of use.

Designer: Lukas Salley



The battery is placed directly over a housing, relocating a centre of sobriety of a appurtenance tighten to a saw blade. Its prosaic tip allows a saw to be set aside firmly upside down. Its winding front facilitates running a apparatus with both hands in a gentle way.


The cordless motorist offers a screwing and a drilling mode, both in a clockwise and an anti-clockwise direction. Changing between these modes is finished by branch a dial in a front partial of a housing between your index finger and thumb. Beneath a cosmetic cover in a back, adult to 6 screwdriver pieces can be stored.


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