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Pivo Pod Review: A Camera Assistant for Aspiring Social Media Stars

I’ve always left to good lengths to snap selfies of myself hands-free—stacking boxes on tip of books on tip of tables, environment timers, and angling my smartphone only right. Asking someone for help is out of a doubt since we think I’m photogenic until another chairman is in a room. Then we unexpected can’t even grin yet looking like I’m in pain. But a tiny device called a Pivo Pod has altered everything—my self-photographed dreams have come true.

The Pivo Pod is a tiny cylindrical and wireless tool that can stagger 360 degrees. You mountain your smartphone on it, and by a accumulation of artistic modes we can constraint fun photos or videos and have a tiny device do all a tough work. It takes a guesswork out of timing your shots, editing, and even positioning, so all we unequivocally need to do is pose. It’s a bit pricey during $159 for a rotating tiny puck, yet if you’re a burgeoning TikTok or YouTube star, it’s a good supporter if you’re roving solo—or if we only can’t have someone else in a room to watch your shenanigans.

pPivo Pod's Many Me mode.p

Pivo Pod‘s Many Me mode.

Photograph: Pivo

The Pivo Pod is about 3 inches high with a mountain trustworthy to a top. The mountain grips your phone in mural or landscape mode, and it sits on a front that rotates 360 degrees. There’s also a spin to keep your phone resting straight. A remote is also included, and we can use it to activate a shiver on your phone, switch between modes, or adjust a position of a mount.

There are dual versions: a Pivo Pod and a Pivo Pod Silver. The latter has softened auto-tracking and can stagger twice as fast, yet it’s a singular book and not a indication we tested.

Thankfully, it’s all sincerely elementary to set adult and get going. You’ll need a Pivo app (iOS, Android), and it uses Bluetooth to span a Pod to a phone. The app walks we by any sharpened mode, and if we weren’t profitable courtesy a initial time around, it’s easy to get a discerning refresher.

pThis shot was prisoner regulating Pivo Pod's Tiny Planet mode that uses a 360degree capability to spin your surroundings...

This shot was prisoner regulating Pivo Pod‘s Tiny Planet mode, that uses a 360-degree capability to spin your vicinity into a tiny planet.

Photograph: Pivo

There are now 12 sharpened modes, including unchanging print capture, panorama, as good as suit timelapse videos. This is where a Pivo Pod shines. Some of a modes are effects that competence differently take we a tiny bit of time and effort, yet there’s zero you need to worry about other than distinguished a artistic pose.

Among my favorites are Many Me, that takes mixed photos of we and stitches them into one shot, and Double Take, a video underline that’s a good approach to uncover off makeup or dress reveals. There’s also Versus, another video outcome that records, rotates, and afterwards annals another video (up to 5 times) for when we wish to uncover off a new outfit or toss a video to a crony and back.

Even improved is an involuntary face tracking mode, that does a sincerely good pursuit of following my face. And we don’t even need to use a remote control to start and stop recording. A special Smart Capture mode creates it so that we can snap your fingers, applause your hands, or contend cheese, and a Pivo will start a countdown before it starts capturing. If we wanted to start your possess YouTube cooking show, this is a really easy approach to do it alone.

A lot of this does count on a peculiarity of your smartphone camera, yet if we have a mid-range to high-end phone from a last dual or 3 years, a peculiarity should be some-more than sufficient for YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. Plus, we can always use accessories for a some-more singular look, like attaching mobile camera lenses from Moment to get a wider margin of view.

Most of a Pivo’s functions are easy to use, it only competence take a few tries for we to know accurately how a mode works to get a ideal shot. And a modes themselves are customizable, permitting we to tweak settings for things like constraint length, series of photos or videos taken, and how many degrees a Pod rotates. You’ll have to re-activate a shiver between takes, so for modes like Double Take, we can relax as prolonged as we need in between shots.

Pivo Pod Review A Camera Assistant for Aspiring Social Media Stars
Photograph: Pivo

If we wish to spend your time in quarantine making amicable media videos for a likes of Instagram or TikTok rather than only examination them, a Pivo Pod is a elementary approach to get started. It lasts a while too—a tiny underneath 10 hours on a singular charge, that is copiousness of time for me to snap all a calm we need. It’s a contrition it uses a comparison MicroUSB pier for charging though, instead of a some-more concept USB-C.

In a box, we only get a charging wire and remote, yet there are a accumulation of other accessories we can supplement on, like bundles with a tripod, an action mount, and a portable print studio with a lightbox. You can place tiny products on a Pod and have them stagger in place for some ad-worthy video clips. You can also use a tripod we competence have already as it has a 1/4 thread on a underside of a Pod.

The Pod won’t make we a filmmaker or a camera whiz, and if you’re deliberation a career on YouTube, we should substantially learn how to revise videos on your possess yet a help of a device. It also won’t rocket we into a halls of amicable media fame. But for people only removing started, it takes divided a roadblocks of not meaningful how to revise or how to use some-more veteran cameras, and lets we burst right into calm creation. For someone who has about 6 supporters and zero to prove, it’s been impossibly entertaining.

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