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Phiaton PS 210 BTNC Review: Are Bluetooth Headphones Worth It?

A wireless tool offers a leisure to ramble around though a tether. It creates life easier. The Phiaton PS 210 BTNC, a latest wireless earbuds, are totally giveaway from a proportions of your song player. But are they unequivocally some-more convenient?

What Is It?

A span of noise-cancelling Bluetooth earbuds for phones and computers.

Who’s It For?

People who need headphones and unchained during a same time from a audio source.


The earbuds themselves have beautiful, conical shells with a vaguely unusual pattern. They bond to a china Bluetooth control procedure that looks like any Bluetooth earpiece from a final 10 years.

Using It

Pair your device and all of a audio runs by these headphones. You can also answer phone calls if you’re regulating them with your phone.

The Best Part

Sound peculiarity is glorious with startling clarity and plain noise-cancelling capabilities.

Tragic Flaw

There’s still a swinging handle that leads to an ungainly Bluetooth/remote procedure as large as an aged MP3 actor that hangs down your chest (but not distant adequate to shave to your pants).

This Is Weird…

There’s a 2.5mm audio jack for a hardwired connection, though it usually plays sound in one ear.

Test Notes

  • Tested with an iPhone and MacBook Pro.
  • Listened to 320Kbps audio files and placed phone calls.
  • Easily got 6 hours out of a battery with noise-cancelling incited on. No recharge needed.
  • Volume controls for a buds are eccentric of complement audio for your device, so you’ll have to find a change between a two.

Should You Buy It?

As distant as Bluetooth headsets go, these are some of a best out there. But there’s no genuine advantage to a Bluetooth set with a swinging dongle. You still have wires to negotiate. The Bluetooth earbud knowledge should be only earbuds — no cords opposite a chest to meddle when putting on a coupler or backpack.

The sound peculiarity is great, though it still can’t kick a span of connected earbuds in a identical or even reduce cost cost range. If we positively need to have your earbuds in and be some-more than a metre or dual from your device, afterwards these are value considering. But if you’re regulating these with a phone, how mostly are we that distant divided from it while listening to music?

For reduction than these $US160 noisemakers, we can find yourself a superior-sounding span of earbuds with an inline remote/mic — and no need to recharge. Skip these Phiatons. If we need an unimportant span of buds for running, these won the test. And if we only need a good span of lightweight, unstable headphones — there are improved options.

Phiaton BT 210 BTNC

• Price: $US159 (distributed by Final Link Group in Australia)
• Driver: 13.5mm
• Sensitivity: 108dB
• Compatible devices: any Bluetooth 3.0-equipped audio device
• Battery life: 14 hours song playback, 12 hours speak time

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