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Paul Thomas Anderson Addresses Controversy Surrounding ‘The Master’

The Master

The Master is proof because a one of a many rarely expected films of a year with any and each new teaser release. Not usually that, though name cities have been means to see modernized screenings of a film, and let’s only contend they are overwhelmingly positive. But before a film can make a central entrance to a open subsequent month, a film’s director, Paul Thomas Anderson, common a few thoughts on his latest directorial effort. There’s also a new shave that has been expelled and it reveals a newest city to get an modernized screening of a film.

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In an talk with NewsWeek repository (via Collider), Anderson acknowledges a rumors he’s listened about The Master being about Scientology. Although a film’s pivotal impression (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is formed on L. Ron Hubbard’s first of Scientology and a change it has on a followers, a film is not about a sacrament entirely. In fact, it wasn’t his goal to emanate a genuine life story of L. Ron Hubbard.

According to him, people who have exited a theaters carrying only watched a film determine that The Master is not about Scientology. Although Anderson says a film is formed on a decline stages of a devout transformation after a war, though those who strike adult a review about a theme of Scientology and The Master, a executive says he finds himself “much some-more defensive and protecting of [Scientology] than we would have thought.”

Anderson certified that he had no thought what he was doing when essay a book for The Master early on. He said,

The impression that Anderson is articulate about in sold is Freddie (Joaquin Phoenix). The impression is rather of a brew bag of emotions, going from pursuit to pursuit and boozing while perplexing to figure out what to do with his life after a war. Apparently a impression was formed on a new scenes in There Will Be Blood and a stories Jason Robards told him while on a set of Magnolia.

There is a lot to be pronounced about this film, and Anderson does his best to try to residence some of a rumors and concerns surrounding his film. As we get closer to a films entrance during a Toronto International Film Festival, there is no doubt that a executive and expel will have a lot to contend about a film and a debate surrounding it.

In further to a interview, The Film Stage has unclosed a new shave that reveals a subsequent city to get an modernized screening of The Master. According to a shave below, The Castro Theater in San Fransisco will get to see a film in a 70mm format for only $10. All deduction will advantage The Film Foundation.

The Master strictly opens in theaters on Sep 14.


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