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Pantech Breakout review


What’s this — Verizon’s LTE preference has now grown to embody a handset that doesn’t offer a 4.3-inch display? ‘Tis true: a Pantech Breakout feels like an suitable name for a initial device to mangle from a 4G mold by featuring a smaller shade and a many reduce cost. We know, it’s not too mostly that we rush about a phone that takes advantage of reduction shade space, yet we feel strongly that a accumulation of opposite options in a lineup is typically a good thing; a normal patron likes carrying an event to name from a far-reaching preference of devices.

The Breakout’s also a lightest choice in a lineup, weighing 4.9 ounces (138g). Measuring 12mm (0.47 inches) thick, it sizes adult good opposite a Samsung Droid Charge and is usually a millimeter bulkier than a Motorola Droid Bionic. Despite alighting in a bill category, a Breakout doesn’t feel all that inexpensive — it’s not expected to break into a million pieces if forsaken on concrete, yet it’s almost not a many durable choice in a lineup, either. If zero else, it’s easier to reason in a palm of a palm comfortably, due to a smaller size, kindly inward-sloping sides and textured back.

Despite a bargain-price status, Pantech managed to toss in a WVGA arrangement — a same as a Thunderbolt and Revolution. The usually disproportion here is a somewhat aloft pixel firmness as a outcome of a smaller screen, and hence a observation knowledge was never interrupted by pixels aggressive a eyes. Not shying divided from performance, either, a Breakout has a medium yet entirely serviceable 1GHz single-core CPU with 512MB of RAM. In addition, a device comes with a 5MP shooter in a back, a VGA front-facing cam, an 8GB microSD label and a 1,500mAh battery.

Interestingly, a Breakout crams all of a ports and buttons onto a left and right sides. We typically see a few facilities on tip or bottom, yet these were expected changed to help say a body’s well-spoken curves but disruption. The microUSB port, energy / close symbol and dedicated camera symbol are all found on a right side, while a left side houses voice activation, a volume rocker and a 3.5mm headphone jack on a tip left — yet forcing a headphones to fire out a side of a phone isn’t a tip pattern choice.

On a front, we’re greeted by 4 earthy navigation keys — a customary setup of menu, home, behind and hunt request here. Much like a Samsung Conquer 4G, a buttons offer usually a right volume of give but adhering too distant out of a device itself. We also felt they raise a Breakout’s altogether design, causing this bill phone to vaunt a some-more costly aura. Above a arrangement we find a front-facing cam, sensors and phone speaker. Giving a phone a full 180-degree turn, a 5MP camera and outmost orator grille lay atop a textured back. The requisite Verizon 4G trademark is emblazoned on a battery cover, that hides a battery, SIM label (for LTE, not GSM — contemptible travelers, this phone won’t help we overseas) and microSD.


Pantech’s flashy Android 2.3.3 with a possess exclusive skin, that we’ll dive into in some-more fact given a company’s usually expelled one other device in a US that runs off of Google’s mobile OS: a Froyo-based Crossover on ATT. The UI has grown adult almost in a final 4 months in terms of demeanour and functionality, adopting name facilities from other Android skins and bringing them into a fold.

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