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OtterBox Defender for Motorola Droid Bionic

When we got my new Droid Bionic, one of a things we was gratified to see was that OtterBox had expelled a new array of cases for a device on launch. I’ve been regulating Otter cases to strengthen my inscription inclination for some time now, and we am a large fan of their polycarbonate/silicone armor protection.

The Droid Bionic is a vital smartphone release, so Otter has left and done two opposite box versions — a Defender ($49) and a Commuter ($34.95).

These cases differ usually in that a Defender is a bit thicker with a some-more imperishable pattern overall, with a full silicone rubber cloaking around a whole case, as good as being sole with a thick protecting holster.

In all honesty, both of these cases will finish adult adding substantial density to your phone, so we competence as good go for a Defender if you’re a claimant for one of these in a initial place.

The Defender has an integrated transparent shade protector/cover for preventing scratches and also has a thick holster/cover for stowing a device and for palliate of carrying it around — this is partial of a reward cost we compensate for this box contra a Commuter series.

Like all OtterBox products, all of a applicable Bionic controls such as a energy symbol and a volume rockers are lonesome with rubber though can be entirely manipulated.

The audio jack and a MicroUSB and Micro-HDMI ports are lonesome with a slicone strap that can be focussed behind for when they need to be used.

I’ve usually got one vital censure with this sold OtterBox case, and that is that it doesn’t support a central Motorola BW8X extended 2760mAH extended battery. It usually supports a smaller battery that comes with a phone. And as we all know about 4G LTE phones, they can be really parched when it comes to energy consumption.

Frankly, we consider anyone peaceful to put an OtterBox Defender on their phone and endure additional bulk in sell for insurance is also substantially a claimant for a extended battery, so we wish OtterBox releases a chronicle of this box for a incomparable battery soon.

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