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OnePlus’s cheapest phone, a Nord N100, turns out to have a 90Hz shade after all

When OnePlus announced a sum joining to high-refresh-rate phone screens going forward, it substantially didn’t cruise a probability that it could be creation another budget-priced phone one day. Backtracking on a word, a association recently launched a cheapest phone, a Nord N100, with no discuss of any high-refresh-rate support. In a new spin of events, a N100 does, in fact, stone a 90Hz screen, that OnePlus now corroborates — though there’s a caveat.

A sell section of a Nord N100 that Android Authority purchased in a UK suggested a choice to switch to a aloft 90Hz rate. The smartphone builder after reliable to a opening that a N100 does competition a Fluid Display, nonetheless a tangible user knowledge might count on several factors, one of them being a low-end processor.

The Snapdragon 460 isn’t utterly able adequate to hoop and, some-more importantly, say a 90Hz modernise rate opposite apps. By underplaying that arrangement capability, OnePlus maybe wanted to equivocate over-promising and under-delivering after on, that would have been a bigger beating for  buyers.

“The N100 is versed with a 90Hz display. Actual modernise rate depends on settings, applications used, and estimate limitations.”

So, now we know what your new OnePlus Nord N100 can do — only don’t design too most from that bad thing.

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