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Official Droid Bionic teaser video released

Verizon only expelled the central Motorola Droid Bionic teaser video, and we’re confused. Is this an ad for a much-hyped Droid Bionic, or an arriving Syfy TV movie? There’s no justification of a tangible phone aside from a brief discuss during a end. Instead we’re treated to an action-packed quarrel stage set in some kind of sci-fi arena. Is this flattering lady in leather ostensible to be a Droid Bionic? What is this figure she’s fighting ostensible to be or symbolize? Does a Droid Bionic come with a sword? And what’s with a creepy music?

Nonetheless, we are meddlesome to see if a arriving Droid Bionic will truly “Rule All Machines.” It looks like Verizon and Motorola are pulling out all a stops on this one, so we’re certain you’ll see some-more of these ads before to a phone’s Sep release.

(via Droid Life)

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