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Now stating for Spring Training: At Bat 13

Now stating for Spring Training: At Bat 13.

The tip sports mobile app in any of a past 4 years was launched on Thursday by Major League Baseball Advanced Media with a apartment of new facilities opposite iPhone, iPad, upheld Android smartphones and tablets and Kindle Fire — right in time for those initial Major League Baseball muster games this weekend.

In addition, At Bat will entrance on a new BlackBerry Z10 by Opening Day, as announced in January.

MLB.TV Premium subscribers again might ascent to At Bat for free, unlocking all reward features. Fans also might allow to At Bat for a one-time annual price of $19.99, covering a whole deteriorate by a World Series. iOS users might compensate $2.99 per month with a repeated billing offering.

“The At Bat 13 Android app is a good approach to follow a Brewers when we live in Little Rock, Ark.,” Patrick Reardon pronounced in an email to after anticipating a refurbish in Google Play. “And that includes a ability to listen to Bob Uecker for each broadcast. The pitch-by-pitch information, a group and particular statistics and diversion graphics yield a comprehensive, picturesque feel of a ongoing action. Game video highlights are accessible on a app within mins of a play.

“I have a extensive work invert so it is good to tell by listening to any ballgame we wish by hooking my Droid Bionic to a automobile radio for a expostulate home. You won’t need another app to get all a information we need on your favorite team.”

Rangers fan Geoffrey Turner of Abilene, Texas, immediately updated At Bat on a Apple App Store for his iPhone and iPad and called it “an essential partial of my ball experience.”

“It is an impossibly profitable apparatus for me while we am examination a game, or if we don’t get a possibility to watch a diversion and we am listening by a app,” Turner said. “There are so many implausible tools of a app — a ‘listen live’ feature, ability to watch live games on my phone with MLB.TV Premium, representation tracker, highlights, etc. we don’t always get a possibility to lay and watch my favorite group play, though we always get to stay sensitive during their games by possibly examination Gameday or by listening live to a home radio feed.”

The Opening Day refurbish will be entrance soon. In a meantime, here are new facilities for 2013 we can suffer with a Spring Training refurbish only announced:

• Multi-platform live audio entrance for At Bat subscribers, charity comment portability to listen to live games on Mac/PC desktops and laptops.

• Universal iOS and Android support for At Bat subscribers, full underline accessibility opposite all upheld smartphones and tablets.

• Sortable batting, pitching and fielding statistics, and favorite group enhancements (iPad and Android tablets).

• Redesigned particular group pages, updated news territory interface, and stretched video prominence formation (iPhone and Android phones).

• Classic games video library archive, re-architected app navigation, and searchable video prominence library enlargement to embody entrance to finish video repository (all devices).

• Additional pull presentation options (iPhone).

• In-app annual subscription squeeze (Google Play).

Starting with 4 games on Saturday, we can watch live streaming of some-more than 200 accessible Spring Training games with a subscription to MLB.TV Premium (iPhone, iPad, name Android phones and tablets).

Also this spring, At Bat users get a following on all a upheld devices: Listen live to accessible Spring Training radio broadcasts; lane league-wide scoreboards and batter-by-batter movement for each game; see violation news, schedules and interactive rosters and players stats for each team; and find full-season schedules.

“I have been a ball fan my whole life and a At Bat app has altered a approach that we watch and suffer baseball,” Turner said. “It enhances a whole knowledge of examination a ball game.”

At Bat is a central focus of MLB. More apps will be gradually rolled out as a deteriorate nears.

“Anything to get us closer to a game, assistance us know more, get some-more information is great,” pronounced Royals pitcher and Stanford connoisseur Jeremy Guthrie, an At Bat user. “I know a fans will eat it adult as good as some of a players. I’m some-more of an iPhone man than an iPad guy, though we have an iPad and use it on occasion. It’ll be on my phone.”

“It is a must-have and generally for me, who’s roving all over a nation during a season,” pronounced ESPN researcher and former Major Leaguer Aaron Boone. “When we can’t locate a diversion or locate what’s going on in a games, we go to that mark all a time, examination games on my iPod, examination on my computer, whatever. It’s really a must-have for any ball fan.”

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