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New Verizon Motorola DROID Bionic Update: Improved Battery Life, LTE & More (List)

Not prolonged ago we reported on a Motorola DROID Bionic soak exam with build series 5.9.902. Well it turns out that refurbish will shortly be rolling out that 57.6MB to a ubiquitous open really soon.

New Verizon Motorola DROID Bionic update

While we don’t know accurately when Verizon Wireless expects to glow out a update, they have posted a full changelog with a same build series that sum what to expect. The categorical highlights are softened battery life and 4G LTE information connectivity, as good as some-more preloaded apps. Check out a full changelog below:

Device Features: Added support for National Plus Code Dialing; Added support for Bluetooth® Personal Area Networks (PAN); Receive content summary alerts while on voice calls but voice call interruption; Improved audio while streaming video to a TV regulating a HDMI connection; Improved Bluetooth audio when interconnected and connected to a device.

Improvements in device fortitude forestall a following: Black shade lockups; Camera multi-shot lockups; Idle resets; Multimedia wharf lockups; Device is now able of providing Verizon Emergency Alerts; Improvements in battery life.

Data Connectivity: Data connectivity and fortitude improvements; Improvements in Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot download performance.

Application Improvements: YouTube videos will resume play from their prior plcae after pausing to entrance a Notification Panel; Composing a Visual Voice Mail summary no longer mutes a voice call; Messages saved with Visual Voice Mail will store to a SD label aim shown on a user interface; Visual Voice Mail improvements for summary storage and deletion; Play WAV audio files.

The following apps are now preloaded: Amazon MP3 and VCAST Apps Store.



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