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New Robocop and ED-209 Appear In OmniCorp Viral Video

RoboCop Viral: ED-209

Hey creeps, FamousMonster here with some RoboCop news only in time for San Diego Comic-Con. Director Jose Padhila‘s reimagining of Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 film has already fabricated an considerable expel including Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson, and Hugh Laurie – and now we’ve got some images of what to pattern in courtesy to a film’s pattern aesthetic.

The OmniCorp website is live and facilities a initial video in a viral debate for a arriving RoboCop remake. Before we get into a nitty-gritty, let’s take a demeanour during Omni Consumer Products’ goal statement:


For a half-century, these difference have set a horizon on that OmniCorp has directed to build a brighter world.

We don’t do passive technology. At OmniCorp, a solutions beget a guide of safety that we gleam on on a dangers of a day. No matter a barrier – political, cultural, philosophical – we pursue a philosophy around a creation to secure assent of mind during home. And when this requires confidant new direction, we never concede doubt to cringe a duty. When your peculiarity of life is in a balance, a leadership group will tip a scales.

Our products have towering your lives. Our people have desirous your future. Our passion will always be during your side.

I’d buy that for a dollar! Sounds like OmniCorp is an unholy consumer mega-power birthed from a corporate partnership between Sony Electronics and Resident Evil‘s Umbrella Corporation with a lurch of V for Vendetta‘s nazi Norsefire Party. The “Product Line” video gives us a initial demeanour during a silken new ED-209, that now comes finish with a silken black finish.

The streamlined pattern looks like Shockwave had ardent sex with a Playstation 3. Don’t get me wrong, I’m blissful to see they left some of a design’s some-more iconic elements intact, though this ED-209 looks like something you’d see in a deleted stage from McG’s Terminator: Salvation.

And afterwards there’s a a XT-908, an aerial worker that promises limit force with 0 casualties. I’d suppose we’ll see a XT-908 in Padhila’s film as a approach of gripping tabs on RoboCop once he’s off a control and a executives during OmniCorp are no longer means to rein him in. Again, there’s something about this pattern that screams Terminator to me (and not a good Terminator films, either).

RoboCop Viral: Drone Fighter

Finally, a viral video teases us with glimpses of a RoboCop or RC-2000 chassis, that forgoes a gray/blue/black tone intrigue of a strange and replaces it with, we guessed it, a silken black finish accented by red lights.

I consternation if this cyborg patrolman has Netflix and plays Blu-Rays as well? In any case, I’m vehement to see a whole pattern and what San Diego Comic-Con unveils. Keep your internet dials tuned to Geeks of Doom for some-more news, and check out a viral video below:


Check out my prior RoboCop feature, Electric Dreams and Cybernetic Wishes, for some-more thoughts on Padhila’s remake.

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