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New Moto X Details: Moto Magic Glass, Laminated Aluminum Structure and Dual …

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More sum are attack a web concerning Motorola and Google’s arriving Moto X device. The source for this new info is Taylor Wimberly, a ex-owner of AM, now holding to his Google+ page to brief roughly all he knows about a device. With a past of being flattering mark on with a Moto X leaks and info, we tend to listen when he has something to contend about Moto’s arriving flagship. 

Taylor has minute 3 opposite facilities of a Moto X, all accompanied by press shots of a device that we haven’t seen before. To start it off, he says a Moto X will come versed with Moto Magic Glass, a singular covering of Gorilla Glass that is molded to a special polymer to make for a continual aspect that wraps around a whole front and edges of a phone. In addition, a Moto X will underline 0 opening construction, permitting for a well-spoken and seamless feel along a backside.


The subsequent fact endangered a X’s construction. According to Taylor, a device facilities a laminated aluminum structure for a light weight and high strength design. Good to know for those who like a light, nonetheless tough pattern – something Moto has been famous for given a beginning.

Last adult is a further of Dual LTE MIMO Smart Antennas, that should concede for well-developed information speeds and improved accepting than many devices. The device will have dual antennas dedicated to 4G LTE, with 5 antennas being fit inside in total. There will be a 4G main, 4G diversity, 2G/3G main, GPS and finally a Bluetooth and WiFi antenna.


With a further of these 3 things, this phone is starting to supplement adult to one helluva device. We are already packaged and prepared to conduct to New York City subsequent week for a phenomenon where we will be bringing we a best probable Moto X coverage we could wish for. Hope we are prepared for this.

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