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New Leak Talks Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Fingerprint Features

Galaxy Note 4 fingerprint

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 positively a many approaching Android smartphone of a second half of a year. As a Note 4 release date draws closer, some-more information about a new Sammy high-end phablet is attack a web. Even yet we already know many of a hardware specifications, a South Korean association always has a integrate of aces adult a sleeve when it comes to program features.

Those of we reluctant to wait until a central Galaxy Note 4 proclamation will substantially be blissful to hear that some-more sum of a smartphone’s program facilities have flush online. The information comes from Sammobile a devoted source when it comes to reports about unannounced Samsung devices. This time, the publication talks about Note 4’s fingerprint authentication features.

If Sammobile’s insider is to be believed, a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will arrive with authentication facilities such as Screen Lock, Private Mode, Samsung Account Verification, and PayPal Payments. All these facilities are already pre-loaded on both a Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Alpha, pleasantness of the Synaptics Natural ID swipe-based fingerprint sensor embedded in a Home symbol of a dual devices, though Note 4 will supplement a integrate of new fingerprint-centric features.

It seems that a new handset will also deliver Fingerprint Shortcuts, that enables a user to allot a by-pass to a specific app or function. For example, we can learn a Note 4 to launch a camera when we appropriate with your thumb, clear a phone while regulating your index finger, or launch a browser when swiping your center finger.

The new trickle also mentions about another engaging fingerprint-related underline called Web Sign-in. It looks like we will be means to compare your certification to a fingerprint so we can record into concordant web services. If a underline looks informed to we is substantially since you’ve used Samsung’s LastPass app.

I remind we that a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is approaching to arrive with a 5.7-inch arrangement with Quad HD (1440 x 2560) resolution, octo-core Exynos 5443 / quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor (market dependent), 3 GB of RAM, 16 MP primary shooter with OIS and 4K video recording support, 16/32/64 GB storage, and microSD slot. Samsung will strictly deliver a new handset on Sep 3rd during IFA Berlin 2014.

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