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New Droid Bionic smartphone offers crash for your buck

Verizon only keeps cranking out Droid smartphones. So many of them are on a marketplace that it’s tough to keep track. But notwithstanding a far-reaching operation of manufacturers and styles, they tend to be good phones.

For a many part, a Droid Bionic is no different. This Motorola-made smartphone binds adult utterly good among a sea of Android inclination out there, yet I’m not as sole on a attention-grabbing accessory.

More on that in a moment. The phone itself has a subdued-yet-classy black cube design. Though it bulges subtly toward a tip finish with a camera lens, it’s easily skinny and light.

Like a Droid X series, a Bionic is taller and incomparable than normal and is positively dominated by a screen. As before, some people will adore carrying a vast shade for media and games, while others competence not like holding such a vast cube of cosmetic to their heads for phone calls. It’s all adult to personal taste.

As for a internals, it’s tough not to like them. Thanks to a Bionic’s dual-core processor, a phone zips by only about anything we can chuck during it, from elementary navigation to formidable games. we didn’t get to try it, yet a Bionic also has an HDMI pier so we can siren streaming video onto a bigger screen.

Speaking of zip, a Bionic uses Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network good and quick grabs information when opening webpages and videos. Oddly enough, we had problems with diseased accepting in vast tools of downtown Tulsa, yet we didn’t have that problem in a same places on a same network a month ago. Hopefully that was only a proxy join and not partial of a incomparable issue.

Overall, a phone works great. The $299 cost is a bit steep, yet there’s a lot of crash for your buck.

I’m not certain a same could be pronounced for a Bionic’s Lapdock accessory. Like a few of a identical accessories out there, a Lapdock is radically a keyboard and shade bombard into that we can block a Bionic. Suddenly, your smartphone becomes a netbook. It also has a possess battery, so we can recharge a phone with it in a pinch.

Unfortunately, advancing a phone also slows it down considerably. It’s not unusable, yet apps bucket slower and games start sputtering. Plus, we don’t get entrance to anything truly new around advancing in exchange.

The Lapdock is roughly a same distance as a netbook, it’s got identical or worse opening and, during $299, it’s about a same price, too. The Bionic itself is great, yet if you’re going to projection around a netbook-size accessory, we might as good open for an tangible netbook.

Motorola Droid Bionic

$299 from Verizon Wireless

Pros: Large screen, fast, good instrumentation of Android system

Cons: Somewhat chunky, $299 laptop wharf isn’t necessary.

Original Print Headline: Bang for your buck

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