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New BlackBerry 10 Images Emerge as Expectations Heighten for New OS

New BlackBerry 10 Images  Emerge as Expectations Heighten for New OS

New images of a BlackBerry 10 handling complement in movement were leaked progressing in a week, about dual months forward of a platform’s approaching launch date on Jan 31.

The inclination featured in a images seem to be all-touch BlackBerry 10 L-series handsets, Research in Motion’s bid to stay stream by releasing a cutting-edge handset with high-end features.  In terms of design, a L-Series phones have been described as looking utterly identical to Motorola’s first-generation Droid handsets such as a Droid Bionic.  It may, however, be easy to use with only one hand, most like Apple’s renouned iPhone line.  And while pattern could be an emanate to some, outmost and inner facilities and a height itself could presumably make adult for things.  One of these inner facilities is a voice control icon, that should be a good and available further to a BlackBerry 10 OS as we know it.  Other images showed a BlackBerry Hub, a Alarm focus and a user interface, that looks purify and easy to use during initial glance.

Moving over to a business side of BlackBerry and RIM, there has been a lot of speak per a Canadian company’s batch prices, that have rallied for a past 8 days and left past a $10 symbol for a initial time in what appears to have been forever.  But all might not be rosy, according to CIO financial blogger Al Sacco.  In an opinion essay published yesterday, Sacco remarkable a recommendation given to batch watchers to buy RIM shares as shortly as a association creates supposed “positive” announcements about a BlackBerry 10 handling system.  He believes that this might work if a bonds are sole right before or after a approaching BlackBerry 10 recover date of Jan 30, 2013, as batch prices are approaching to pierce upwards as a recover date gets closer.  However, Sacco also cautioned opposite putting too most value in a new spike of RIMM batch prices, as this might not be a best indicator of a probable financial liberation for a uneasy BlackBerry maker.

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