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New AOKP 4.4.4 Nightly ROM Build is Available Now, Adds Support for Sony …

AOKP 4.4.4 KitKat Nightly 31 Jul ROM Builds Available Now

The AOKP group has expelled currently a latest Nightly KitKat build formed on a batch Android 4.4,4 OS. With this new firmware we will get support for dual additional devices: Sony Xperia Z2 and OnePlus One.

With a new build we will get all a simple batch Android 4.4.4 KitKat facilities as good as many additional AOKP elements that will supplement a whole new feel for your smartphone. The AOKP KitKat Nightly builds are already launched for countless other Android inclination and a latest dual combined are Xperia Z2 and OnePlus One devices. For a designation we will simply need to download a record from AOKP Device’s web page. After a download is finish we simply need to implement a tradition Recovery in sequence to implement it.

The AOKP Nightly 2014-07-31 builds are formed on Android 4.4.4 KitKat AOSP and we will find a following changes: call stats underline is now back, loads of device specific updates, bugfixes, tweaked apps, some battery life enhancements, interpretation updates, and more. If we wish to learn some-more about these changes and some device-specific updates, afterwards we should check a full list here.

Those of we who don’t know how to refurbish your Android device should stay divided from tradition ROMs. You need to base a phone first, afterwards implement a tradition Recovery and use it to peep a new ROM builds. Also, besides a ROM record we will need to implement Gapps, too.

Custom ROMs are good for those that wish to get absolved of all a bloatware and identical things commissioned by carriers and device manufacturer’s. Usually, a AOKP Nightly Builds aren’t really stable, though a latest ones are flattering arguable and we should give them a try.

Tell us in comments if you’ve commissioned a new builds and, mention that are a best new facilities and improvements combined by a AOKP team. Also, make certain to list some info per a battery life you’re removing with AOKP 4.4.4 KitKat Nightlies.

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