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Neville Ray shares critical skeleton for T-Mobile

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T-Mobile’s President of Technology, Neville Ray, spoke during dual new events, a UBS Future of 5G eventuality and a Wells Fargo Virtual Media Telco Day

At these dual events, Ray talked about a company’s categorical priorities for 2H 2021 and beyond. The executive also talked about a company’s speed-to-market advantage over a dual rivals as good as a devise behind a network build-out. Ray also talked about T-Mobile’s propagation in farming and civic areas. 

Here are a few critical quotes that Ray common during a dual events:


  • “We’re putting a multi-layer spectrum portfolio to work opposite approximately 85,000 macro sites, compared to counterpart networks during around 70,000 sites currently and complemented by approximately 50,000 tiny cells to emanate a densest and broadest network to finish a digital divide.” 
  • “So, there is a element disproportion between a 5G footprint, we are laying out on low rope compared to a foe and a speeds on that low rope covering out double attention averages in LTE. That might not sound like super exciting, though it’s really meaningful.” – UBS 
  • “We are a usually user to have deployed dedicated low-band and mid-band spectrum for 5G and broach on a loyal guarantee of 5G, with a Ultra Capacity 5G delivering game-changing speeds averaging some-more than 325 megabits per second, reaching 140 million people already in 2021 and targeting national by finish of this year!“
  • “We’re only gay with a opening of that midst rope layer. And a good news is that some-more and some-more business bland are starting to feel and advantage from that experience. And that to me is ultimately…the genuine 5G experience. Now, we have something that’s an sequence of bulk faster than what’s been historically around us on LTE, something that is impossibly fast.” – Neville Ray, President of Technology during T-Mobile vocalization during UBS Future of 5G Event on Jun 4, 2021 
  • “Our devise is to monetize a additional ability combined by a mobile build devise and gain on a stream marketplace dynamics, that embody many underserved or discontented home broadband customers. The volume of ability that we are formulating with a network build is only massive…14x that of standalone T-Mobile!  We are singly positioned to do this with a many mid-band spectrum in a attention and a densest macro site grid!”
  • “We’re going to go in with a really differentiated five-year event and pursue normal wireless, home broadband –all of a opposite vectors of expansion regulating a really absolute 5G factory, capacity, speed and opening before we even get to all of a other 5G use cases that apparently are going to come onto these networks.” – Neville Ray, President of Technology during T-Mobile vocalization during Wells Fargo Virtual Media Telco Day on Jun 7, 2021



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