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Near margin communication mobile payments entrance to restaurants, around MICROS …

What timing… Just this week, I wrote a story about MICROS Systems Inc. of Columbia, Md. jumping into a margin of mobile payments with a smartphone app called Tabbedout.

Now, word comes out currently that MICROS has partnered with Verifone to rise a near-field communications resolution for a liberality industry. What’s NFC? Basically, a special chip commissioned inside your mobile phone allows we to use it as a kind of “mobile wallet.”

Presumably we can couple your phone directly to your bank comment or credit card. And kapow! You are fluttering your phone around and spending money. Ah, a honeyed smell of progress: it’s never been easier to bake by your cash!

In further to creation payments with your phone, you’ll be means to use NFC record to take advantage of mobile coupons and promotions. Imagine a possiblities, say, if we can couple NFC tech to amicable media apps, such as Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare — so with a wave, we can send out a standing refurbish that you’re during a sold restaurant.

Scary or useful?

It looks like Verifone has designed systems for white tablecloth restaurants as good as quick-casual. You could use your NFC-enabled phone right during a table, that will have a small wireless tool (see next picture from Verifone) that we call your phone in front of. Here’s an example.


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