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NCAA Mar Madness Live app brings live streaming to iPhone, iPad, and name Android inclination for $3.99

Just in time for “bracketology” comes a new NCAA Mar Madness Live app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices. The app is free, and you’ll get entrance to radio streams of all a basketball games as good as copiousness of amicable features, given that’s a thing to do nowadays. However, distinct final year, you’ll have to compensate a $3.99 reward to get live streaming of all a games to your phone. Thankfully, that cost includes streaming on your computer as well.

We took a event to play around with a Android chronicle of a app for a bit, and a initial thing you’ll notice is that usually a name few inclination are supported. Officially, you’ll need possibly a Rezound, Nitro HD, Thrill 4G, Droid Bionic, Droid RAZR, Droid Charge, Galaxy Note, Epic 4G, Galaxy S, or Nexus S 4G if we wish a “best observation experience,” though we managed to get a app adult and using on a Galaxy Nexus, too.

All that aside, a app does underline copiousness of functionality: there’s a full bracket, and any diversion is clearly noted with what TV hire it’ll be promote on. If we name a game, we get an information row that shows what people are tweeting about. There are also presentation options that’ll let we know when a diversion from your favorite group is entrance adult or if an dissapoint is in a making. All a facilities are good and good, though a app is heavily brimful with advertisements (for LG’s Nitro HD, no less) and opening was a bit indolent on a Droid RAZR we tested a app on. Still, streaming each diversion live to your phone for $3.99 isn’t a bad understanding — even if it was giveaway final year.


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