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MyPhone TW1 Duo vs. Samsung Punch: Dual-SIM Phones of Different Form Factors

Someone posted a query on CTB fan page seeking for recommendation that of a MyPhone TW1 Duo and Samsung Punch is better.

I don’t consider comparing dual phones of opposite form-factors nonetheless pity a same categorical underline is absurd, so we motionless to tell a brief comparison of these dual dual-SIM phones, fundamentally usually formed on a spec sheets. Unlike a Samsung Punch, we never used or get my hands on a MyPhone TW1 Duo so we unequivocally have reduction to contend about a whole knowledge of regulating this phone. But for a consequence of this reader (or some of we too), maybe we can yield a discerning research that one unequivocally is better.

Before we get started, here are a specs of these dual handsets for your perusal:

Okay. I’m flattering certain you’re wakeful these phones aren’t unequivocally among a latest in stores though could interest unequivocally good to a masses simply given of a dual-SIM capability (good for eLoading, mind you); and of march given of a low prices – we consider both of these handsets are offered well. Just recently several dual-SIM handsets have landed in a country, by now however; we’ll usually have to speak about this two.
MyPhone TW1 Duo
Now, behind to a comparison list above, among a many important facilities on tip of a dual phones’ denominators embody a display, camera, memory, Wi-Fi support, and a form-factor. Except for a memory, it’s unequivocally apparent MyPhone TW1 Duo got a improved understanding – quite a aloft camera fortitude and aloft pixel firmness for a display. The Wi-Fi support is unequivocally a and for MyPhone TW1 Duo, of march usually if you’re after of it. After all, GPRS and EDGE aren’t unequivocally that abominable for mobile web – so both might be adequate for a underline phone like a Punch.
Samsung Punch Ch@t 322
The phone’s form-factor is not unequivocally a large understanding here given we can simply name a handset according to your preference, though it becomes partial of your preference quite if we see it has poignant impact in a altogether opening of a handset. MyPhone TW1 Duo’s full hold shade might be a leader for some over a Punch’s QWERTY, though technically carrying full hold shade could empty that 1000mAh energy source faster. And note both of these phones are dual-SIM that keeps dual radios active during a time, so we consider it’s protected to contend a Samsung Punch battery might final longer from final full charge.

The Samsung Punch is wider than MyPhone TW1 Duo nonetheless still lighter, maybe due to a slimmer dimension; however, we consider it’s usually too tiny to notice so not most of a large deal.

If we have to chuck my outcome that of these dual is better, it indeed depends on how and what we wish to use a phone for. Both are dual-SIM though I’d substantially cite a QWERTY phone over a other with full nonetheless usually of a resistive form hold screen. Of march it also has to go with something that includes a devoted and proven brand.

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