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MX Player Removes Native Support For AC3 and MLP Audio Codecs …

Since a new refurbish to MX Player, many users are using into a new problem: there’s no sound in certain videos. It turns out a latest recover of a renouned video actor private support for dual audio codecs: AC3 and MLP. Unfortunately, it seems this is a outcome of chartering issues, definition MX Player will no longer boat with built-in support to play these audio formats. However, there is a elementary workaround that will get things operative again with comparatively small hassle.

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Restoring functionality is flattering simple, it usually involves downloading a custom-built codec and indicating MX Player to a right file. Instructions and download links are accessible in this thread on XDA. There are several opposite architectures supported, and any has been damaged adult into particular files. The design for any device can be found by opening MX Player and going to a overflow menu – Settings – Decoder, and scrolling down to a bottom where a Download tradition codec object sum a scold type. Alternatively, there is an “AIO Pack” accessible with all of a opposite architectures bundled together, though it is a incomparable download. Place a record on inner storage, and daub on Custom codec (also in a Decoder screen) to indicate MX Player to a plugin. After a restart, a codec should be commissioned and working. To confirm, only go to a overflow menu – Help – About, and demeanour for a “Custom codec” line nearby a top.

While these additional stairs aren’t utterly as available as a elementary download from a Play Store, it’s not too most difficulty to get things behind in operative order. Let’s only wish this is a sincerely removed occurrence and other video players won’t have to make identical compromises.

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